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  1. Thats great, if you wouldnt mind. Should i just write the pm to admin and ask you to forward it on to the user?
  2. Hi I am trying to PM a user however I cannot, is this because I am a new user? Do I have to make a certain amount of posts before I can message a user? Thanks
  3. Hi i read your post with interest I have a very similar dilemma where I have a vintage Omega with stripped screws in the bracelet holding the bracelet on the watch head. They are 1.5mm in diameter and recesed into the link. I cannot messge you as I am new user but wondered if you could offer some advice since you managed to remove the screw on your Zenith? Appeciate it.
  4. Managed to find one at a decent price £2,100 in pretty good condition. Needs a service though.
  5. Does look nice I must admit just doesnt speak to me the same way the Omega does. Will take a closer look. Do you know of any for sale?
  6. Thanks for the advice, Im new to vintage so need to do some research. Ideally would prefer a UK deal also just trying to find the piece.
  7. Hi all, would like to purchase the above watch, where would be the best place to hunt for one other than the usual? What would be a ballpark figure to be paying?
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