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  1. Hey all. I have been wondering about the overall look of watches lately and maybe it's just me and my lack of knowledge in watches. But I honestly feel like most brands that i know of: Rolex, Tissot, TAG Heuer, Patek and so on are doing the “same thing”. Of Course there are differences in dial design but it is often just miniscule changes to the dial. I am talking about the overall design. Most cases are the same and the dial layout is pretty much the same for most and so on (unless you spend a lot of money). And this is not only for established brands but microbrands often follow the same path with yet another cookie cutter “Rolex” diver watch or a Junghans bauhaus style “copycat” of a watch. I understand that prices have a lot to do with this, but some are even more expensive than the likes of Tissot with the same specs. What I am afraid of is that a big portion of the watch industry will become more and more uniform in design and that we won't see anything new and interesting unless you are willing to pay absurd amounts of money for a limited 1/39 piece. Some brands are doing their own thing: Seven Friday, DWISS and REC watches (the ones I know of) Is it just me? Do you also feel that the overall watch design has become repetitive? or do I just need to open up my eyes and look.
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