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  1. Thanks for the response, @Always"watching". I ended up buying a 'stopped' from ebay (turns out the screw on the crown wheel was loose, and thus could not wind). I replaced the pallet fork with the one form the donor, and all is well again. It's a reasonable practice movement to get to grips with, possessing only a center seconds complication and, being considerably larger than a wristwatch movement. I expect I'll be here far more frequently now I have found this forum, and its wonderfully warm natives. Many thanks!
  2. That's a great resource, thanks so much!
  3. Hello! I have a skeletonised Mount Royal pocket watch requiring repair, and wanted to know if there were any good resources for spare parts, besides Ebay. The movement itself has no identifying markings, or caliber number. I have included a picture of an identical unit below. Is there any way to trace the manufacturer of the movement, or is this a dead end? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Wintermute.
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