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  1. And not convinced about carrying extra stopwatches around. I think I probably need to stop being so particular and just deal with a second hand and pay more attention
  2. Totally but alas I brew coffee in approx 5 different places each week. There are multiple aeropresses and V60's dotted around my life ha ha ha. It is a bit silly really. I am coming round to the idea that a large uncluttered dial with an obvious second hand will be fine for timing as literally that is the chronograph would be used for in terms of daily use. That then frees me up to consider something like the Ball Engineer III 40mm variants which are plain but stylish with awesome lume. I can see them being a superb watch for night time use.
  3. I really like the Ball Engineer III Starlight. 40mm case, blue dial, nice bracelet and awesome lume with simple chunky numbers. Trying to convince myself I don't "need" a chronograph.
  4. Would be lovely if all brewing methods took a minute or under and if so, I would certainly make do with a standard second hand. I might still do that as Ball make some lovely non chronos which have awesome lume and I really like the simple style of their watches, so am coming round to the idea of not having a chrono which increases the chances of small watch without sacrificing quality and luminosity (which I cannot compromise on) Jeepers, that is serious money isn't it for a G Shock? I had no idea they ran that high. I suppose I could knock fence posts in with it but then I might d
  5. Thank you for the suggestions so far. The Junghans and especially the Sinn 356 are possibles so thank you @JoT and @WRENCH for those thoughts. This is why forums are great because instantly there are enthusiastic people who know lots and lots about the things they are passionate about. The Sinn is available with sapphire glass at £500 extra. Is that a normal uplift? I mean it is still way under budget but I am guessing there are different levels of sapphire crystals. My Seiko, which bizarrely does not look too different to the 356 pilot in both case and bracelet looks has a sapphire
  6. Hi, Recently joined and have been researching new watches. I have been wearing the same ancient Seiko Kinetic Titanium since 1998. A capacitor change is all that has been needed and it still funtions perfectly. I have however become more and more annoyed at a couple of short comings with my watch which I now want to address by purchasing a replacement. This will be to wear every day. I roast and brew my own coffee and make it in different places and need to know the brew time to the second. It is annoying as hell trying to remember where the second hand was at the point o
  7. Only just started looking at watched again now I need a new one after god knows how many years. I am a left hooker and wear on the right wrist. No idea why or when that started. Worn a watch for the last 35yrs since the age of 6, so cannot recall. Recently starting looking at watches and had me thinking about about why the crown is on the right hand side of watches. It would bug the hell out of me if it were ont left hand side, as it would dig in to your hand. I guess it is so people can wind up a watch worn on the left wrist without removing it but for me, the cons of it permane
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