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  1. Thanks for this, everyone! Yeah - I know the general history of GP but wasn't quite sure how to go about tracking down this watch's history, so thanks for this - it's a big help! I had guessed it was '40s or '50s, I was surprised when my jewellery said 1930s! So 40s makes sense I can get to the Strand so I'll try Alsal - thanks for the recommendation! I usually go for men's chronographs, this watch is very small and off-piste for me but I'm already very attached to it so it's lovely to find out a bit more about it
  2. Exactly this. Plus not having to worry about the ecological impact of battery disposal.
  3. A very sweet little watch arrived in the post for me today; a 22mm Girard-Perregaux ladies watch, which winds and works seemingly perfectly. I took it to my usual jeweller/watch repair shop and they thought likely 1930s. They weren't able to tell me much more about it though. We confirmed the calibre number is 83BE 546, and they said it has had been serviced 4 times. I phoned a few watch repairers in London (including The Antique Watch Company and a place in Hatton Garden) but they said they don't deal with ladies' GPs any more because they can't get the parts. (I don't need parts! I just want to know more about this watch!) If anyone can help me understand more about the watch, or point me to someone either online or in London who can, I'd be very grateful ( I can't get these pictures to show up smaller, so apologies for the size...) Thank you!
  4. Thank you! Happy to be here
  5. Ha! It's okay - my life, my home and my bank account are mine alone
  6. What's the worst that could happen..........
  7. Hey all, New here - my name's Gen, I'm a south Londoner and have been gradually getting into watches in the last couple of years. I don't buy often as money's tight - at the moment a new watch is an annual treat - but I tend to pore over reviews and forums before I buy so I thought I'd get stuck in here I'd like to start buying more often and building up a collection, and am quite into the idea of seeing what treasures I can find secondhand. I like nothing better than a shiny, shiny bargain. I don't like women's watches at all, I always feel like the designs are a bit watered down - so I always opt for men's, they're a bit oversized on me but I don't mind that. I like the heft of a chunky men's watch anyway - looks grand with a suit! I love pilot and diver's watches, and quite like a retro touch. I will never ever wear a digital watch, and I include the Apple watch in that. I have two Citizen Eco-drives (the Nighthawk BJ7000-52E and the Perpetual Chrono A.T) which I adore (I mentioned it on a reply to another thread and then found this one, so apologies for repetition!) - I wanted to go straight in with dedicated watch brands rather than picking up fashion-branded ones, and will likely stick with doing that. Just got a discontinued Bulova Marine Star which I love very much. I'm curious about smaller brands like Briston - I really like the retro styling, though it's not something I'd wear every day... and I really want to find my way around vintage Longines watches but there's so many on ebay that I think I really need to study up a bit before I start bidding on anything that may not be a sensible buy. The ultimate dream would be a Breitling but...erm... perhaps not in the foreseeable.
  8. New here - hello! Treated myself to a Bulova Marine Star - the 98a172. I had to hunt for someone who had it in stock as I think it's discontinued? It's this one: I'm new to watch buying, but very picky. I'm a woman but I only like men's watches - typically chunky, slightly techy-looking chronographs. I really like Citizen (I have two Eco-drives, a stainless steel Nighthawk and the Perpetual Chrono A.T which I love), but I like Bulova's heritage, and Citizen didn't have anything right now that really caught my eye. I wanted a gold (well, gold-plated) watch with a very distinct look, and I fell for this one. I love it to bits. The only thing is, I'm so used to looking at my wrist and seeing the date that this one keeps throwing me off! Got this one for a nice price too - a little over £100, which is great - I usually aim for about £300 for a watch so was really pleased with this. I'm now haunting eBay for my first vintage watch. I keep looking at Longines but I think I need to do a lot of reading up before I take the plunge, so as not to end up something not worth having.
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