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  1. thanks for the replies. Might set my son a project of doing a DIY one for my next watch as i know he has some of that ardino stuff. Quick question...My watches need 800 turns a day. The Barrington winder i have picked up has settings either side of 800 as 750 & 850. Would you tend to go for the 750 or 850 for a 800 TPD watch? I've got the clockwise/counter clockwise sorted for each watch. cheers
  2. good job! i think have hundreds of obsolete cd cases so could set up a business doing it. Have just picked up a couple of Barrington single winders, so will see what they are like.
  3. got one of those in the shed! you've saved me a wad of cash
  4. Hi, i need to replace my existing watchwinder which i've had for approx 3 years. It was a Jura winder which is similar design to the Barrington single box style winders. Plastic fitting to motor broke last year so i glued it, now the motor axle has been pulled down due to weight of the watch. could get cheap motor replacement, but i need to get a second for another watch so thought id treat myself to 2 new ones - prefer 2 x singles rather than 1 x duel as if one breaks in the future cheaper to replace one single rather than one duel. Heaviest watch is 2004 Omega Seamaster Professio
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