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  1. And there was me thinking the thread was going to be about Conor McGregor's new watch. Phew!
  2. My apologies. You might need a bigger knife then.
  3. Well done soldier. Extra merits for the non-standard colours and the early start.
  4. Indeed. And I could arm us, as my father was an avid collector of Swiss Army knives - both Victorinox and Wenger - so I have access to quite a few. Plus my own collection of Victorinox kitchen knives. It does rather limit the kind of fighting we can take on though. But we'll be good if we have to saw down any small trees, trim our nails, mend a bicycle puncture or peel a potato.
  5. They've one less to shift now, I've ordered one for my husband. So it's your fault. I hold you wholly responsible. He doesn't know yet - not sure how long I can/should keep it a secret.
  6. I really do see some very nice watches posted here - the Oris on page 1 is indeed very pretty - I love the date pointers. I'm a bit embarrassed posting my own pathetic offerings. This was competitively bought recently, dating from 1992, caliber 4206. I also won another very similar one with a white face last night, for about the price of a nice Easter egg - I think it's a later caliber though. The face on this is more silver than it looks and it looks a bit battered at this size.
  7. You've done a beautiful job with the radios - it's astonishing how well the Bakelite comes up with some attention - it looks like mahogany - positively glows. I imagine that it might get brittle over time though. I'm pretty sure that my Grandfather had a radio like those in his office (they lived in an old mill building that was also their business premises above) and another on the factory floor - it looks very familiar to me. We used to listen to horse races in the afternoon - he'd give me pennies to bet with and good tips and my horses always seemed to win! The way I'm finding old junk
  8. I daren't show my husband these Victorinox watches, he would definitely have one. I'd have one if they were smaller. I am however wearing Victorinox perfume.
  9. Until recently my daily watches were either a TAG Aquaracer or a Raymond Weil Parsifal, but as the batteries went in both within the same month, I started delving into my box of less expensive fashion watches. I then started thinking about vintage watches and non-quartz and decided to buy a watch or two on eBay to see how I liked them. I've now formed a bit of an obsession for what my son calls 'competitive shopping' - I've lost out on way more than I've gained, but I set a limit for any lot and stick to it. This was one I really didn't expect (54 watchers) to get and was very surprised not
  10. Oh my goodness, I got all emotional when I saw the first one restored, it's gorgeous - I'll read the rest later. I'm going to have to pay more attention to the box of old clocks I put aside to go through - although I think they're all wind ups, apart from this behemoth on a shelf I found - that does have a cable attached - which is why it's still on a shelf, out of reach, the cable was snagged on something we couldn't reach, so we left it in place for now. Thanks for the link - I keep going down rabbit holes on this place, finding interesting stuff to read.
  11. I love the styling of it, I'm sure Penelope will be delighted with what you've achieved with it and will treasure it. It looks fabulous for its age - I wish my face was doing as well. I have a similar looking/era clock at my parents that's been unearthed that I don't remember ever seeing before, but it's a much wider wooden thing with similar lines - a huge hunk of a thing, but I did wonder if it might still go and clean up well.
  12. Thank you for the replies. @al_kaholik - indeed, I've been watching a number of sales on-line and labels like Armani and Fossil seem to get a lot of interest, but marques like Seiko don't seem to attract the same level of interest. Which suits me just fine. I've read a lot of good things about the 2205 - there's a lot squished into a small area. I'm not sure the auto winder is working properly on this one - but if manually wound and worn, it seems to keep good time - if I take it off and leave it running, it loses more. I've bought 3 Seiko autos recently and they all seem to be happier fo
  13. Can a girl join in? My watch collection is nowhere near the calibre of the pieces I see posted and really enjoy looking at here. Neither is my arm hair, I really can't compete with the hirsuteness. My 'good' watches are out of action as they need new batteries, but while I wait to get that sorted, I've been tinkering with vintage watches and automatics, to see how I feel about investing in such a piece as a memento, from things I've inherited, but sold - I can't keep everything. My current favourite idea is a vintage Oris automatic with a date pointer, or a dress Omega from the 60s. The t
  14. Thank you, I think you're right on all counts. I think it just sets going periodically when warmth or movement frees something for a while and it runs until it gums up again. @WRENCH kindly posted a list of suitable repair places and looking through them, it's going to cost at least £200 (plus any actual repair/replacement parts that might turn up) to get them properly serviced - taken apart, cleaned and re-lubricated etc. I think I'll start with the Medana as I simply like that best and more likely to wear it, then the Roamer if I like what was done with the first one. I'm pretty
  15. Thank you @Balaton1109 - I have already read quite a lot of posts about Roamer, Medana and less so Villard, from posts here on the forum - I did spot your Medana with comments last week. Many on-line searches for vintage marques bring you to posts here, that's how I started looking in. What I was curious about with my Medana is whether it's a mechanical or Automatic - I still can't fathom how it's working - you can't wind it more than a turn or two, as the crown is very stiff, but you pick it up and handle it and it sets off ticking! It's sat on the kitchen table just now and it start
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