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  1. That is a very nice, understated and elegant watch. I hope that it makes you smile very time you look at the time. I think that it probably will. If it actually makes you happy, that is all the justification you need.
  2. I'm sorry that you've experienced this, it must be a horrible feeling opening the parcel and finding that, when you're looking forward to receiving it. I'm glad that someone already mentioned it, I was going to post earlier about whether it was a genuine item? I haven't given it any thought for a long time, but Aliexpress used to be nothing other than a knock off wholesale site. I had a battle with them a few years ago when I found they were offering for sale a number of my own hand crafted, one of a kind and small batch, jewellery pieces. They were using my photos and offering my designs wholesale at a couple of dollars each, with ordering quantities in the hundreds or thousands. They did the same with many of my on-line jewellery making friends at the time. We thought their MO was to offer items for sale from someone else's information and when they got actual orders, they'd fathom out how to make them - worth doing if someone had ordered a couple of thousand of the item. I hope I'm wrong and you can get it appropriately rectified.
  3. @Bricey - I don't have the box here with me to check, it's at the house, but I think it will be too small for your new Helvetica - as it was for one of the smaller ladies models. But I'm aiming to go over for a few days next weekend, so I'm very happy to have a look at it for you. We only kept it, as it was part of an ongoing Police investigation (way bigger crimes than a stolen watch) in case they found the watch, we'd be able to prove it was hers from the papers.
  4. Nice incoming Bricey. I think I like the Glycine best. Whilst a Mondaine fan, like the Helveticas less than the railway station clock variants. I looked at one for myself a little while ago and decided against it. And I do so love a red second hand. I'm going to get myself a Mondaine railway watch next year - but actually in Switzerland. My Mum had a nice one, but it was stolen from her in hospital - so I still have the box and papers, just no watch. My sister was wearing hers this week and I was jealous. But I want to get it from the same shop that my Mum bought hers - as it's her money that's buying it. I can add a little to Spiney's watch trivia - the Mondaine railway station clocks are all centrally controlled to be at the same universal time - the second hands sweep around smoothly and stops a couple of seconds short of 12 and then they all jump to the hour at the same time, to allow for any local fluctuations. They've apparently added a watch range with this feature, but they're silly expensive and I suspect they'll only work in Switzerland.
  5. Don't say you'll pick up the tab though Yokel, he might bring all his offspring!
  6. This is mine, my Raymond Weil Parsifal. Given to me on a big birthday - and I've had 2 more since - by a collective of my family. Half of them are no longer with us, so it is now especially precious and slightly poignant. I like how it fits me, it's exactly the right size and follows the curve of my wrist perfectly and is really comfortable to wear. I have worn it for everything from gardening to weddings. I pick it out of the box when I need the reassurance of how it feels on and how it makes me feel. If I could only keep one watch, it would be this one. It just feels very me. I didn't choose it, but the person that did, knew me well enough that I might as well have done.
  7. I turn my back for five minutes and Bricey appears to have added about 22 watches to his collection. I'm letting the side down today, I haven't quite got to putting a watch on today. Sorry boys. I'll try harder tomorrow. @Welsh Wizard - you do know that we're not quite as daft as you think, don't you?!
  8. Some gorgeous wrist wear today gentlemen. I can't join in, as I never quite got to putting one on today. Bad girl. But the winner hands down is Bob - he looks like a cat who really knows where his sh!t is at - even if he can't count. All they need to know is: one, more than one, ooh lots! Give Bob a tickle from me, I could do with a kitty cuddle just now.
  9. I thought of this one when I first saw your post, but it's a smidge bigger at 42mm and Quartz unfortunately. They have several that I like, but they're all quartz too. https://www.delma.ch/product/cambridge41601-598-6-014/ - but it has a Sapphire crystal and is around £430.
  10. Thank you @SolaVeritate - just the ticket. I think petrol driven is the way to go, as I don't have a power supply near the grass. Just need to find the other half of the partnership, to drive it.
  11. Ooooh, do they have those on eBay, my garden could certainly benefit. In so very many ways.
  12. I'm wearing my Grandad's Villard today - which I have really fallen in love with. I was going to be pottering about outside today and thought maybe I shouldn't wear it, then thought about how many hundreds of hours it probably already spent outside, tending his beautiful roses (I didn't inherit that particular skill), so figured it would be just fine - it's probably how it got most of its scratches. I'm going to invest in a custom strap for it at some time (and get it serviced), to fit the lugs better and be a bit shorter, so that I don't get the pointy tail showing from the front. Now I know that I'll wear it regularly. Might even have a go at making my own, I'm an experienced sewer and have some leather pieces. And whilst yesterday I said I had some standards - in respect of the correct date - they're not high enough to endure the blister I would gain trying to move this forward 18 days! I need some Rodico on that crown too - I didn't get it as clean as I thought that I did.
  13. As I'm pottering in the garden and doing chores, I grabbed one of my work day watches, a pre-owned Seiko 5 from 1991. I ended up (unintentionally) buying 2 of these the same, in lots on the bay - one a bit battered (this one) but with everything - box and papers and receipt etc. Another one in pristine un-worn condition, but with no history (that one cost much less too - and in my defence, the photo was so bad, I thought it was a different colour variant). This one gets worn for everyday, although it isn't quite as battered in wear as it looks. Photo not taken today - I do have the day/date correct - I do have some standards.
  14. Phwoar!!! I love a red second hand. Especially a nice long one and nice plain parallel, elegant hands. That's my favourite hand arrangement right there. The only down side to me is the slightly clunky lugs - it would be much more elegant with a little bit of roundness to them - less corner. I'm also unsure how I feel about when they put a date window in and foreshorten the 3 o'clock baton - would it be more elegant to just omit it completely and just leave the dot of lume? Now I'm being picky, it's very nice.
  15. Surely it depends on how deep your pockets are? Mine are actually empty, so specific numbers are irrelevant - I don't have anything to spend. And my pockets have never been full or deep enough to allow for 'if money were no object' thinking. I just spend a lot of time with my nose pressed against the glass, window shopping.
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