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  1. Some gorgeous wrist wear today gentlemen. I can't join in, as I never quite got to putting one on today. Bad girl. But the winner hands down is Bob - he looks like a cat who really knows where his sh!t is at - even if he can't count. All they need to know is: one, more than one, ooh lots! Give Bob a tickle from me, I could do with a kitty cuddle just now.
  2. I thought of this one when I first saw your post, but it's a smidge bigger at 42mm and Quartz unfortunately. They have several that I like, but they're all quartz too. https://www.delma.ch/product/cambridge41601-598-6-014/ - but it has a Sapphire crystal and is around £430.
  3. Thank you @SolaVeritate - just the ticket. I think petrol driven is the way to go, as I don't have a power supply near the grass. Just need to find the other half of the partnership, to drive it.
  4. Ooooh, do they have those on eBay, my garden could certainly benefit. In so very many ways.
  5. I'm wearing my Grandad's Villard today - which I have really fallen in love with. I was going to be pottering about outside today and thought maybe I shouldn't wear it, then thought about how many hundreds of hours it probably already spent outside, tending his beautiful roses (I didn't inherit that particular skill), so figured it would be just fine - it's probably how it got most of its scratches. I'm going to invest in a custom strap for it at some time (and get it serviced), to fit the lugs better and be a bit shorter, so that I don't get the pointy tail showing from the front. Now I know that I'll wear it regularly. Might even have a go at making my own, I'm an experienced sewer and have some leather pieces. And whilst yesterday I said I had some standards - in respect of the correct date - they're not high enough to endure the blister I would gain trying to move this forward 18 days! I need some Rodico on that crown too - I didn't get it as clean as I thought that I did.
  6. As I'm pottering in the garden and doing chores, I grabbed one of my work day watches, a pre-owned Seiko 5 from 1991. I ended up (unintentionally) buying 2 of these the same, in lots on the bay - one a bit battered (this one) but with everything - box and papers and receipt etc. Another one in pristine un-worn condition, but with no history (that one cost much less too - and in my defence, the photo was so bad, I thought it was a different colour variant). This one gets worn for everyday, although it isn't quite as battered in wear as it looks. Photo not taken today - I do have the day/date correct - I do have some standards.
  7. Phwoar!!! I love a red second hand. Especially a nice long one and nice plain parallel, elegant hands. That's my favourite hand arrangement right there. The only down side to me is the slightly clunky lugs - it would be much more elegant with a little bit of roundness to them - less corner. I'm also unsure how I feel about when they put a date window in and foreshorten the 3 o'clock baton - would it be more elegant to just omit it completely and just leave the dot of lume? Now I'm being picky, it's very nice.
  8. Surely it depends on how deep your pockets are? Mine are actually empty, so specific numbers are irrelevant - I don't have anything to spend. And my pockets have never been full or deep enough to allow for 'if money were no object' thinking. I just spend a lot of time with my nose pressed against the glass, window shopping.
  9. I doubt it, but thank you for the thought. I'll be in and out a bit for a while. I'll pop in when I can. I miss the banter.
  10. I said exactly the same to my sister a couple of weeks ago - when I showed her how well I'd been able to revive some old leather items (handbags, wallets and writing cases) with saddle soap and leather balsam. We pondered whether slathering some on our own chops would bring about the same restorative effects.
  11. Nice work on the mod. I envy your lathe. My 2 favourite crowns (i.e. on a watches I own) are nut-like - so splitting the difference between smooth and fully knurled - something for grip, say 6 flats, but still keeping the smoothness of the new crown. Although I actually like the smoothness of it, as it is. What about leaving it smooth and putting something decorative on the flat surface instead, like a cross head screw head. I like engineering type features on watches. Or machine a little recess and fill it with a black stone or resin, to match the face. Sorry chaps, as you were . . .
  12. Good morning. I'm delighted to hear that you got it going again and that it was clearly only a bit of gunge still stopping good contact with the battery. Mine was one of my Grandmother's and she bought it for my wedding in 1982 and the dial number shows that it was made that year. I did a lot of cleaning on mine and ground down a slightly larger mesh strap to get a good fit and I do wear it regularly. I hope yours gives you as much pleasure as mine does.
  13. I've recently got going a very similar Timex Q. In mine, the battery had leaked and visibly so. Fortunately for me, it was pretty much contained in the battery compartment. My own method for cleaning it is to dip a cotton bud in some citric acid (pure form of lemon juice), squeeze it on some paper towel so that it's only damp and gently clean with that. If it extends beyond the battery area and into the works and parts there are corroded, it may be beyond direct help. It does suggest to me, that if the second hand twitches, that it's getting power, but something in the mechanism is seized to prevent further progress. Hopefully those with much more experience than me might have some ideas and may be able to see from looking at it, if anything obvious is amiss. I'm very new to this and learning by undertaking some projects like this for my own satisfaction. I've also just done another one where the damage clearly went further and the watch was dead (despite the movement looking visibly in good nick), but luckily I was able to identify the quartz movement and inexpensively buy a direct replacement and swap it over. I wanted to keep that watch for sentimental reasons, so was worth doing.
  14. Chance would be a fine thing of getting to bed early. And it won't be me wearing it either. After today, that is. I just decided that I wanted it properly right, so I took it apart and did it again. Who needs to breathe. No idea what I did wrong the first time, as I was meticulous. But it appears to be working right now and changes date within 15 minutes of midnight now, as it should have been doing. It's made me very happy to get it going again.
  15. Funny that there's already been a couple of Wengers posted today, as this has been my project today. It was my Mum's watch and she replaced it a few years ago with a Mondaine, in Switzerland, where they spent as much time each summer as possible. The Mondaine went missing when she was in hospital, but when checking the box we found, there was her previous Wenger, not working and in a very poor state. As I kept all of the other vintage watches we found and have progressively bringing them back to life, I offered to see if I could do this one for my sister, as it was the only one she was interested in. It didn't get going again after a clean and a new battery, so I've changed the movement to another one the same - quite a steep learning curve and I'm not sure it was good holding my breath for that long! It is now going again and in a much more presentable state. I should have done a before photo, but it was truly revolting and this doesn't even look like the same watch. One anomaly I'm perplexed about, maybe the Wenger owners can assist with - despite calibrating the hands at midnight, just after the date clicked over, the date now seems to click over at 10pm, not midnight. Is that how it works or have I got something wrong? Getting it wrong seems most likely. I'm reluctant to take the hands off and start over as I'm happy with their alignment and am unlikely to get it as good a second time.
  16. I wouldn't worry about 'Vintage' at your age @Roxyben - you're a baby yet - I routinely wear several watches that are older than you - and I have at least one that is older than me - but I do like vintage - I like spanking new too. But once you get to my age, it is slightly more problematic when buying vintage without knowing their history. Hence, if I do go that route and I'm going to be dropping a hunk of pennies on it, I will pay a premium and get them from a good supplier like I linked. My son and I were looking over their shop late last night together (whilst on the phone that is) and I virtually spent about 12k and he spent 15k - except I got more watches for my dosh than him. He seemingly has expensive taste. I'm pretty confident that I could make an appointment and visit them and come away with something totally gorgeous. I would be spoilt for choice at the moment over at least 6 or 7 watches in my approximate budget.
  17. @Karrusel - I'm really not the kind of woman who goes for pink - even if you call it salmon. And that's perhaps too expensive. I might spend that if I find something that I really can't live without. There are many others on the site that I like much more than that - and cheaper too. Nor, unfortunately, am I the kind of woman who can flash anything to secure a better price. I might give it my best shot, but men will not be in the slightest bit moved by my efforts. I have entirely all the wrong attributes.
  18. Thanks @Karrusel - that's good to know. I've not been there yet, but I like the fact that they're trained watchmakers and service and give them warranty. That no doubt adds a chunky premium, but I think - for me - it would be worth it. @Bricey - thanks for the offer, but I'm not in the market just yet, for a multitude of reasons. Either the perfect answer will present itself, or I'll ask for assistance when the time comes. Even since my son and I had a look at the weekend, Watches of Lancashire have added several new watches that I would happily buy - I'm not that hung up on the precise year, or marque - there's a 1950s Tudor 33mm, a 1940s 30mm Rolex, a gorgeous 1960s Movado and a 30mm 1930s Zenith which looks stunning for almost 90 years old - amongst many lovely Omegas and Longines etc. So I'm sure if I visited them, I'd come away with something fabulous and perhaps not the one I was expecting to like.
  19. This is also something I too am wrestling with. I've lost both my parents recently and as my sister and I have been selling possessions, we've been putting the money away for various purposes - often related to the item itself. We both had the idea that if we sold personal items like jewellery, we'd put the money towards similar pieces for ourselves. I decided on a special watch and hence started my' birth year watch fund'. Due to lockdown and having another big birthday in this period, I've been adding Christmas and birthday money to it. I have enough for a nice watch already, but was hoping to add some more yet. I had the idea originally that I wanted a birth year Omega - a smaller gents watch - ladies timepieces from that era are largely too tiny for me. But I'm open on the marque really - the watch itself will be what matters and how it looks and fits. I flip flop between entirely opposing opinions on this. Dropping a lot of dosh on a single watch that is already as old as me maybe isn't that fiscally sound - but then, if it's going and looking better than I do at this age, maybe it still has more life in it than me. It's a potential risk - hence I decided that if I do go this route, I'd pay a bit more and get a serviced/refurbished one from somewhere who know what they're doing and offer a decent warranty - see below. But as I never go anywhere fancy and don't dress up or really do girl clothes, maybe something new and more practical and utilitarian would make more sense. Maybe a cheaper vintage watch and a new watch would scratch both itches. So who knows what would be best - I often work on the principle that a solution to dilemmas like this usually just presents itself when you're not expecting it. Apart from the places already posted, I have my eye on this place and I think I'd be spoilt for choice with their current stock - although I am at the lower end of their stock list price-wise - but they have some totally gorgeous timepieces: https://watchesoflancashire.com/
  20. I'd also endorse getting the tool - they really do pop on in seconds and with minimal effort. And once you've got one it will last a lifetime and will soon earn its keep. Just ensure that you spend the time choosing exactly the right die to fit the front of the watch case - and double check that the glass isn't more domed/deep than the depth of the die. Ask how I found that out the hard way.
  21. Seeing all the Seikos earlier inspired me to grab this one today. I bought this for about the price of a takeaway for 2 people (i.e not Bricey's clan) to see if I liked the Seiko 5s and how I got on with an automatic. It's a bit battered (the lighting flatters it a bit) and may well be a Frankenwatch (the dial might be from a slightly different size of watch), but I actually really like it. It falls somewhere between a gardening watch and a going out shopping watch - a workday watch. I'd like one a notch bigger than this - they have one I really like that's stainless with a black face and red accents and a red second hand, but it's the case size smaller unfortunately.
  22. Victorinox just grade their watches by size - their women's watches tend to be the small and XS and then 40mm, 44mm etc. I regularly look at watches that are classed as young men's and women's together. Some marques just classify watches as small, medium and large, or by actual case size and don't even differentiate gender at all. @Bricey - just do what's in your heart and ignore the rest of us. I think it's a fabulous watch for him, for what it's worth and even if he wears it for 2 years and you pay 40 quid for it, that's 39p a week - you're an accountant - that's surely a good investment. We paid a ridiculous amount of money for a Lego Technic Bugatti kit for our grown up son for a birthday after we'd had a windfall. It was worth every single penny for the look on his face when he opened it and really wasn't expecting it. That fleeting moment was priceless and will be etched on my heart forever.
  23. I think it would be fabulous for him. Nobody is going to rag him about it being a woman's watch as it just doesn't look it - and certainly not at 33mm. I love it. It looks in great nick and if I'd seen it first, I might well have bid on it. Victorinox watches, by definition, are substantially built and if he's the kind of kid he looks and you describe, he's simply not going to destroy it. He probably couldn't. If by some fluke he doesn't like it, I'll buy it back off you. But he will - because his Dad chose it for him, out of an abundance of love. He sounds like a great kid - and clearly talented, no wonder you're proud.
  24. Very many thanks for the assistance Roger. It has the square recesses as in your Seiko example and I have a case back removing tool as you showed - it fits and I can get a good grip with it, but the back is just on tighter than my own strength. My husband is in hospital at the moment (and is weak as a kitten these days anyway), but my very large son will be visiting in a few days and was going to get him to have a try - maybe between the two of us we can work it loose. With being a ladies watch, the case is quite small, so there's not as much watch to get a good grip on to hold with your other hand - I've managed with stubborn gents watches as you can get a better grip with them. I've got various holding tools and clamps, but prefer the sensitivity of fingers on something delicate and I wear grippy work gloves to prevent slippage.
  25. Thank you, the mesh elevates it a little - I just don't like wearing leather straps for everyday, I prefer metal. I wish you fortitude with that task - I've been on with it for about 18 months or more, since my Dad first went in to care and we expected to need to sell the house to pay for it. The pandemic has really slowed things down, along with a poorly husband and two parents who were both active with lots of hobbies and interests and bordering on being hoarders. I think someone's hand is hovering near the light switch at the end of the tunnel, I just hope the glimmer I see isn't an on-coming freight train.
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