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  1. Well gents my 17byr old Lorus needs a new battery and I have bought one (a renata 399) but local jewellers/watchmakers are all shutdown. Can someone please tell me what to do to remove the old battery from the clamp which is holding it? I have managed to unscrew the back and understand about shorting it with the AC terminal. I have fitted batteries in the past to my mrs' watches but they were fairly simple.
  2. Just had a new gas combi fitted and what a difference - the old one was not a condenser so the new one gave an instant saving of about 30%. Actually it's more than that becuase the new one is "intelligent" - it starts to turn the gas down as the actual room temperature gets near to the setting you have put on the thermostat so the rads are then warm rather than hot. Also, my gas man says don't change the rads I will do a power flush + fresh chemicals and you will be OK - he was right. I agree with Darren, stay well away from British Gas (rip offs) and find a reliable local man.
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