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  1. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0trs0_1XrHMHoQ_S9tyGBMILA Thank you for the link unfortunately the number that is on the workings doesn’t go into the zenith database. Once I had opened the workings case I found a lot of info regarding the case. I have never really been a watch person and this is the first pocket watch I have ever had. But trying to find out the history of this watch with each cover opened another clue is available, it’s very intriguing so again thanks for your help.
  2. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0kJfPryBkKuLy1WHHX-FBKqnw Let me know if this isn’t working, trying to send them off my phone if not I’ll fire up the computer. It’s pretty hard to get all the numbers on the casing in one shoot because of the light reflection so I’be taken a few of the back case. Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone I have recently received a family watch and I am keen to learn abit about it. I have trawled the internet and manage to identify the case make and grade of case but nothing else, been honest a total novice really. On the case it’s stamped “sun” trade mark a.l.d Dennison also has “645675” stamped on it, it also has 3 sets of numbers etched into the case on roughly quarter positions. The workings it self has Swiss made at the bottom but I cannot fully make out the writing above the second clock. Any guidance on how to find out any more information would be grat
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