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  1. Thanks for the reply. I know i'm only scratching the surface and the knowledge required to be a watchmaker is massive. From what you have explained already is eye watering. However i think i will purchase another and this time remove the hair spring correctly. Cheers
  2. Hi All, due to covid sending me around the bend i have finally decided to try my hand at repairing pocket watches. I have always had an interest in watches/ clocks but covid has spurred me on to have a go. The main reason I'm concentration on pocket watches is i recently lost the sight in my right eye and this will make things alittle easier. My main goal is to repair my Wifes Grangfathers Elgin pocket watch as this has great sentimental value. However before tackling that i think practise is needed. I have purchased a Ingersoll triumph, non runner to get a feel for things. My main source of
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