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  1. Nice to know that there are still people under 50 that are interested in mechanical watches and history. I hope he loves his new watch and that it gives him a lifetime of excellent service.
  2. Beautiful and so is the copper version. I really wasn't sure about the 'clean' bezels on any Vostoks when I first saw them, but they've really grown on me. For me they give the watch a 60s/70s look and I've actually ordered a couple from Komandirskie.com to try on my Komandirskie 650537. Lovely watches guys! Quite jealous ;-)
  3. This is going to make more sense with the kind photos added by JoT, so many thanks JiT. As you know... I've wanted a Vostok for some months now and finally decided to start out with this rather lovely Komandirskie 650537. If you haven't got one of this range of Komandirskie/Amphibia hybrids, you might find my experience interesting. First a mention for the seller. I bought this one from a Russian eBay seller called 'Scubadudestore'. I bought it on Friday the 2nd (the start of the Easter Weekend) and it arrived today, which even if you count the day that I bought it (late at night) and the Easter weeknd is only 15 days from Russia to the UK. The only thing I can fault so far is the sellers packaging, which was a piece of bubble wrap around the plastic Vostok display box and a padded envelope. The display box had taken a hit and needed to be put back together, but it did survive the process and I can't fault the delivery time! So, let's take a look at the watch and what you get for your money. I wanted a straightforward watch and wasn't even particularly bothered by having a date window complication. But this is the design I liked and it comes with one, so hey ho. I also wanted a dail with raised numerals or indicies rather than a totally printed dial. I'm not 100% sure, but the shiny silver numerals 'look' to be integral rather than glued on. So why not just buy an Amphia? Most Amphibia's (around this price bracket) have a plated crown and a plated brass bezel. The crown on these Komandirskie is stainless steel and the bezel (according to the sellers of them) is also Stainless steel with an acrylic insert. So right out of the box, you have two upgrades from many standard Amphibia. Which takes me the case. It's the 650 case on these Komandirskie, which seems to be the brushed version of the 670 Amphibia case. The octagonal shape is well formed and aesthetically pleasing, but the edges on the long sides from the lugs towards the sides/crown are actually sharp. I mean that the edges are so well defined that you can easily scrape the surface off of a finger nail on them. The lug corners are also sharp enough to actually take skin off! That said, the overall rounded 'UFO' profile of the watch prevents these angles from coming into contact with your wrist. The back of the case is reminiscent of the radio room dial on some Amphibias, but on closer inspection, seems to be just a geometric pattern radiating from a Vostok 'B', with the clear panels at 12,3,6,9. (Not for 3 minutes after each as on the 'Radio Room dial'). Described as a 'classic Komandirskie case back' on one site, the significance of this design is not known to me. The bezel is actually far nicer than expected and the bidirectional movement is smooth with just enough resistance (in air pressure) to be perfectly adequate and I would guess with resitance underwater increasing with depth. Having watched the famous youtube videos of the destructive tests on these watches, I feel totally confident that I won't have any problems with a light splash of water while washing my hands when others have shown that these don't fail until 700+m of pressure. I wanted the original metal bracelet, despite the amount of hate thrown at them in reviews and I was pleasantly suprised to find that the two-tone stainless steel bracelets on these models are actually pretty good. The links are hollow, but you can't tell unless you look at the hidden ends. The clasp has a nice big 'Boctok' logo on it, has plenty of available adjstment and it all seems to work rather well. As with most owners, I will have a variety of straps for it within the next week or so. One thing that did suprise me, is how small the watch is. So overall impressions. The famous wobbly clutched crown takes a bit of getting used to. But it feels good and screwing down stainless steel to stainless steel, has a positive feel to it. The 'light pressure' hack works and the watch is simple to set exactly. The semi-quick date adjust (the 9-12 advance) works well and is certainly better than having to do a date change the long way if your watch isn't used for a week or two! It has a retro feel and absolutely bags of charm. As to how accurate it is. I set it and a nearly new Pulsar quartz chronograph to the same time and atfer 24 hours, it's gained 4 seconds on the Pulsar. I don't have any thing more technologically advanced than this method, so even with my eye accuracy added, this is a 3-5 second gain in 24 hours. At the best end of the claims from Vostok and absolutely fine with me. The silver numerals (in an almost deco style) shine beautifully and the red star reminds us that the workers of the world have nothing lose from uniting but their chains! So, all in all for around £70.00 delivered 'all in', it's absolutely amazing value. Oh bloody hell! I will never get used to no edit button! I'm so used to post and clean up afterwards. Sorry JoT, for calling you Jit!
  4. Hi Lampoc Thanks again for all your help with these. My Komandirskie 650537 arrived and I'm really pleased with it. I don't have the facility to host pictures (and haven't since Photobucket went paid) otherwise I'd have posted a review here. But anyone interested in the 650 Komandirskie range can read my thoughts on it here (with pictures): https://www.watchuseek.com/threads/vostok-komandirskie-650537-automatic-200m-review.5299926/
  5. So if you've been following the saga of my falling down the rabbit hole of starting out in Vostok ownership, you may be aware that my first Vostok in now en-route to me (currently preparing to leave Russia having cleared customs). I've bought the watch with a standard bracelet on it, although I do want to immediately replace with a rubber dive watch strap for daily use. Now I know I could have just bought the watch with a rubber strap on it, but couldn't find the immediate combination that I wanted. Then I started to notice that some of the Russian sites are selling these with non-branded straps, not just NATO type, but simple rubber straps whithout any 'B' logs and even 'stainless steel' in English. Meranom however have a whole range or branded straps. So are these coming out of the factory with non-branded straps or are some of the 'official' seller/sites sometimes adding their own prior to selling? I was also looking for a potential for second vostok watch on eBay over the weekend and noticed one being sold as 'new' which was a type I quite like. On closer inspection of the photo's, there are no logos in fact no writing at all on the dial and the case back is plain. Not I know there are plain casebacks available, but dials? And from the factory on a watch? Are fake Vostok's even a thing? If so, why bother, it's not like it's an expensive watch in the first place.
  6. Now that just looks pretty standard in terms of dive watch loudness. I know in that picture I can't see that it's actually the size of a dinner plate and 3 feet thick ;-) Seriously though, it's a good looking watch.
  7. Excuse the typos, I still can't find the edit button.
  8. It's certainly an interesting innovation. I wouldn't have married it up the that dials they have though. But the visible oscillator and that lovely second sweep is something I'd be unlikely to get bored with watching. I wonder why anyone went to this much trouble to redesign something so well tested and reliable?
  9. lol, it's a bit 'sudden' for my tastes. It looks even worse in the photo on someones wrist. Like some kind of tiny UFO trying to abduct him. I feel like you could only just get away with wearing it with full gear on a dive..... But anywhere near dry land it's just going to cause sniggering. More so when people hear the price.
  10. It's an incredible artifact. I wonder if the gear wheels were cast first and hand finished or completely created from scratch individually from bronze blanks? The really mind boggling thing is that this is unlikely to be a 'one off'. Like some kind of incredibly complex astrolabe, this must be the result of a long carefully thought out evolution and R&D process. It also seems unlikely one man was responsible for the whole process, which suggests that there must not only be predecessors to it, but also other contemporary examples and descendants of them. Now ancient Greece wasn't short of talented artisans and creative minds. Not to mention wealthy benefactors to fund lengthy artistic and scientific endeavours! But why don't we have more evidence of these incredible devices? It seems unlikely that they were anything less than a total marvel when they were made, so you would think we'd have contemporary sources mentioning them? Which takes me back to wondering if the gears and parts were first cast to help speed up the process? If this was in any way some kind of insane 'one off' you have to wonder who could concienve of it and comission/oversee it's manufacture? It's tempting to wonder who had that kind of vision and resources?
  11. I like the look of it, but I agree with Wrench that it kind of looks like a thermometer.... In a good way ;-)
  12. Hi Wrench, Thanks, I'm already thinking that a red and silver bezel is going to be my next purchase.
  13. Hi Lampoc Thanks again for the helpful advice. I've gone ahead and finally orderd that one I posted last (Vostok Komandirskie 650537). Not from soviet market in the end, but from a guy on ebay called 'scubadudestore'. This model seems like good value with the nice crown and bezel. Wierdly though, this model seems to come with the 'radio room' case back? At least it looks that way in the sellers pictures. I wonder why they used that back? I don't suppose you know where the cheapest place to get a branded rubber dive strap for it would be?
  14. Hi Lampoc The crown's on Amphibia's are just plated usually aren't they? If so, it's a bit of a bonus that these Komandirskie's have stainless ones. I guess it would be too much to hope that the bezel is stainless and the insert is anything other than plastic? Thanks as always :-) P.S. Where is the edit button, I can't find it?
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