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  1. So if you've been following the saga of my falling down the rabbit hole of starting out in Vostok ownership, you may be aware that my first Vostok in now en-route to me (currently preparing to leave Russia having cleared customs). I've bought the watch with a standard bracelet on it, although I do want to immediately replace with a rubber dive watch strap for daily use. Now I know I could have just bought the watch with a rubber strap on it, but couldn't find the immediate combination that I wanted. Then I started to notice that some of the Russian sites are selling these with n
  2. Now that just looks pretty standard in terms of dive watch loudness. I know in that picture I can't see that it's actually the size of a dinner plate and 3 feet thick ;-) Seriously though, it's a good looking watch.
  3. Excuse the typos, I still can't find the edit button.
  4. It's certainly an interesting innovation. I wouldn't have married it up the that dials they have though. But the visible oscillator and that lovely second sweep is something I'd be unlikely to get bored with watching. I wonder why anyone went to this much trouble to redesign something so well tested and reliable?
  5. lol, it's a bit 'sudden' for my tastes. It looks even worse in the photo on someones wrist. Like some kind of tiny UFO trying to abduct him. I feel like you could only just get away with wearing it with full gear on a dive..... But anywhere near dry land it's just going to cause sniggering. More so when people hear the price.
  6. It's an incredible artifact. I wonder if the gear wheels were cast first and hand finished or completely created from scratch individually from bronze blanks? The really mind boggling thing is that this is unlikely to be a 'one off'. Like some kind of incredibly complex astrolabe, this must be the result of a long carefully thought out evolution and R&D process. It also seems unlikely one man was responsible for the whole process, which suggests that there must not only be predecessors to it, but also other contemporary examples and descendants of them. Now ancient
  7. I like the look of it, but I agree with Wrench that it kind of looks like a thermometer.... In a good way ;-)
  8. Hi Wrench, Thanks, I'm already thinking that a red and silver bezel is going to be my next purchase.
  9. Yes indeed, those are really nice looking straps!
  10. Hi Lampoc Thanks again for the helpful advice. I've gone ahead and finally orderd that one I posted last (Vostok Komandirskie 650537). Not from soviet market in the end, but from a guy on ebay called 'scubadudestore'. This model seems like good value with the nice crown and bezel. Wierdly though, this model seems to come with the 'radio room' case back? At least it looks that way in the sellers pictures. I wonder why they used that back? I don't suppose you know where the cheapest place to get a branded rubber dive strap for it would be?
  11. Hi Lampoc The crown's on Amphibia's are just plated usually aren't they? If so, it's a bit of a bonus that these Komandirskie's have stainless ones. I guess it would be too much to hope that the bezel is stainless and the insert is anything other than plastic? Thanks as always :-) P.S. Where is the edit button, I can't find it?
  12. Does anyone have any experience of this type of Komandirskie? Are they as 'good' as the amphibia? Lampoc kindly informed me above that they are essentially the same spec, are there any noticable differences between the actual amphibia's and the 'amphibious' Komandirskies? The case is stainless but the crown also looks like it is. Does anyone know for sure? Lastly, the bezel. What's the quality like and what are the inserts made of? Many thanks.
  13. LOL, It does give it a weird sort of uniqueness. Ah, I see! Not too taken with the swing lug ones. The catologues are great thanks :)
  14. Nick, That is an absolute retro beauty. How does it look in person?
  15. Hi Lampoc, Thanks for the reply. Is there a straightforward chronology of the cases? Am I right in thinking that the original amphibia was the 'pillow' shaped 1967 case with various finishes and the 'ministry' case followed soon after? Now that I've looked at the various sites and the dizzying array of choice, I find myself wanting a selection! Hi JoT Thanks for the example. Now that perfectly illustrates the issue with crazing. Your watch's face has crazed but the separate raised indicies help to mitigate the effects. Strange that the lo
  16. Well, since joining the forum and getting some good advice on buying a Vostok Amphibia, I've kind of fallen down the rabbit hole of endless variations and frankly can't make a decision on which to buy first! Especially now that I have more sources to look at, thanks to you lot! Now, I do have a couple of questions ;-) I started out wanting the 1967 type, then expanded that to something that was basically a reproduction of the original 'range' from the late 60s and into the 70's. But a bit of searching online for vintage examples to look for modern repro's of.........
  17. Hi Ed, Thanks for the recommendations. That first link is a bit of a shock. Thise prices are crazy cheap! Looks like free shippoing too? The site's a bit odd to navigate as you say. I'd rather be using paypal than entering my CC details into a Russian website, are you sure it's on the level? I notice it says: 'The official website of Vostok watches'. But then komandieskie.com makes a similar claim? Thanks, another vote for Meramon. Hi Jonny So even less rhyme or reason than before the current mess. I guess we shouldn't expect anything
  18. Thanks Andrew, I want to kind of factor in the overall costs, especially now that ebay and some other sites are already factoring in the 20% vat. It's useful to know that in general there aren't any more hidden costs when things arrive. Hi scottswatches, You've not been lucky recently. Hopefully those large bills were for watches far higher in value that anything Vosok produce? I know that you mean though, I remember Parcelforce phoning me to let me know that they had a carcel from me and that I'd have to drive 15 miles to collect it and pay £300 import duty and fee
  19. As Vinn says, the pistol is a Tokarev. Specifically the famous Tula Tokarev TT-33. This is the pistol that replaced the Nagant revolvers and was the sidearm carried by Red Army officers in WW2. To call it iconic would be an understatement. If this watch is genuine and the engraving origninal, then it really does deserve more research. What happened to it?
  20. Well that seems like very good service. Thanks for the info.
  21. Hi Lampoc, Thanks that's really helpful. What are soviet-market like to deal with? What sort of timescale for arrival did you have?
  22. It's great! Surely there is a story behind your wanting this? Is the dial a stock variant or a special order one-off?
  23. Afternoon All, Excellent forum and community here, glad to have an excuse to join! I've ben talking myself into an Amphibia and I like the 1967 types. They are (as I'm sure you all know) running at around £60 from Russia on eBay with 20% vat having been pre-added by eBay. Has anyone bought anything this way recently and if so, are UK HMRC adding any other charges when these things arrive? Also, has anyone got any recommendations for sellers or other cost effective options? Many thanks
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