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  1. Thanks for replying, I think it's more the fact the thin metal clasp that holds the battery in place has came loose and possibly slightly deformed, it looks as though it should slide under a slight cut out in movement but as it's been pulled through 8m unable to snap it back in, think my last option is to flex the clasp back and dmfwd till it breaks then try insulation tape to hold it in place finally, will try again at weekend when I look out my. Eyeglass. Thanks
  2. Welcome message appreciated, cheers
  3. Hi, so I searched out the forum due to an issue, I do like watches, more often than not expensive ones I can't afford. I spent a couple of years in a well known jewelers where I sold all things bright n colorful, several top end watches, I was there part time at first due to mature college course, I ended up full time and as most of the other staff were a bit cautious I ended up replacing batteries, removing links etc, my trade was a plater shipwright in the Glasgow shipyards but wanted a change so I trained as a naval draughtsman, lived the shop work though the pay was poor but dealing with p
  4. Hmm, no joy with the tape, wonder if I should try remove the clasp that originally held the battery in place then use tape
  5. Thanks Davey, will look at doing the ac as you say but do I need to do that as when I hold battery in myself without case back in place it works OK, i had initially set the time etc when first installed battery, never had probs like this afire and I used to fit dozens of batteries to watches when I worked in a jewelers selling some of the big name brands, cheers,
  6. Hi all, I have a casio altimeter illuminator world time. I'm trying to install a new battery, but when I replace, case back it goes blank, watch is my son's, he tried to install, I looked at the inside, and noticed the thin clasp that holds battery in place is only fixed at one point, other point is loose, I tried pushing loose end back down but it keeps popping up, any ideas Regards J
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