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  1. Roue TPS4. having put a little mark in the case if my IWC last week I wanted to get something ‘cheap’ for day to day use I'm not so paranoid about. Found Roue whilst looking for something motorsporty - pretty happy with it.
  2. So, I tried them on. No pictures unfortunately - but I was hugely surprised. I was firmly in the smaller reduced camp, but this didn’t seem all that different at all to the 38, which felt similar but with a less pleasing dial. So I will look for the real deal…thank you for the advice everyone
  3. Thank you all, really useful info. Didn’t want to spend more than about £3300 on this one so I think that rules out the FOIS and might be a little entry level for a Pro. But I’m intrigued by the wearing small and maybe I should try one on as suggested. I prefer leather straps, too - which I think can help with the sizing.
  4. I’m looking to get myself a Speedy, which is a watch I can’t seem to get out of my head despite being a bit obvious. However, wanting to be a bit different (and due to having girly 6.5” wrists), I’d like to look outside the Pro. I have my eye on either something like a 326. or maybe a 3518.50, which is pricier but I love the dial. Anyone have any experience or recommendations? I’ve been put off the Speedy Reduced… but the Speedy Date is also appealing. These Racing models with the 3330 movement seem to be a nice sweet spot?
  5. I like the Muhle best. The Union is a bit busy
  6. IWCing today. Not leaving the house but don't care!
  7. I had no such luck with Mapplin and Webb. For an IWC I was offered £90 off. Told because it was a special editio, it was the maximum they could do. Bought it from the USA with 25% off. I've since heard Watches of Mayfair can be good on discounts?
  8. £750 serviced and with a 1 year warranty.
  9. I just imported this from the US and couldn’t be happier. Tracked it from pillar to post, USPS to Royal Mail. Had great communication. There’s no import duty, only VAT at 20% and I’ve found even with that taken into account, US prices are a lot lower at the moment. My IWC was 25% cheaper than UK retailers I could find.
  10. White next then perhaps. Shame the all white dial Spedmasters are eleventy billion dollars...
  11. Thank you! As in bezel/ strap? I think browsing and dreaming is safest. I’m really, really liking this and think I might try and sell the Carrera to justify it. This is a dangerous game...
  12. She did! And she was very supportive on the IW, I guess that makes her a keeper, along with the Junkers!
  13. I love the real deal, but I have skinny girl wrists and feel it just be too big... The FOIS size seems perfect but still a littly pricey... The Speedmaster Date model seems a bit more doable....one day... That's very kind of you. I wore and abused the TAG every day for six years and still love it, but this place is a Pandoras box...the IWC is something I'd wanted for years and I am 40 next year, so...screw it. The Junkers is black on black, I think the camera plays tricks.
  14. Good spot I did manage to get a good discount abroad thankfully...and will not darken M&Ws door again... Thanks all!
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