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  1. Roue TPS4. having put a little mark in the case if my IWC last week I wanted to get something ‘cheap’ for day to day use I'm not so paranoid about. Found Roue whilst looking for something motorsporty - pretty happy with it.
  2. So, I tried them on. No pictures unfortunately - but I was hugely surprised. I was firmly in the smaller reduced camp, but this didn’t seem all that different at all to the 38, which felt similar but with a less pleasing dial. So I will look for the real deal…thank you for the advice everyone
  3. Thank you all, really useful info. Didn’t want to spend more than about £3300 on this one so I think that rules out the FOIS and might be a little entry level for a Pro. But I’m intrigued by the wearing small and maybe I should try one on as suggested. I prefer leather straps, too - which I think can help with the sizing.
  4. I’m looking to get myself a Speedy, which is a watch I can’t seem to get out of my head despite being a bit obvious. However, wanting to be a bit different (and due to having girly 6.5” wrists), I’d like to look outside the Pro. I have my eye on either something like a 326. or maybe a 3518.50, which is pricier but I love the dial. Anyone have any experience or recommendations? I’ve been put off the Speedy Reduced… but the Speedy Date is also appealing. These Racing models with the 3330 movement seem to be a nice sweet spot?
  5. I like the Muhle best. The Union is a bit busy
  6. IWCing today. Not leaving the house but don't care!
  7. I had no such luck with Mapplin and Webb. For an IWC I was offered £90 off. Told because it was a special editio, it was the maximum they could do. Bought it from the USA with 25% off. I've since heard Watches of Mayfair can be good on discounts?
  8. £750 serviced and with a 1 year warranty.
  9. I just imported this from the US and couldn’t be happier. Tracked it from pillar to post, USPS to Royal Mail. Had great communication. There’s no import duty, only VAT at 20% and I’ve found even with that taken into account, US prices are a lot lower at the moment. My IWC was 25% cheaper than UK retailers I could find.
  10. White next then perhaps. Shame the all white dial Spedmasters are eleventy billion dollars...
  11. Thank you! As in bezel/ strap? I think browsing and dreaming is safest. I’m really, really liking this and think I might try and sell the Carrera to justify it. This is a dangerous game...
  12. She did! And she was very supportive on the IW, I guess that makes her a keeper, along with the Junkers!
  13. I love the real deal, but I have skinny girl wrists and feel it just be too big... The FOIS size seems perfect but still a littly pricey... The Speedmaster Date model seems a bit more doable....one day... That's very kind of you. I wore and abused the TAG every day for six years and still love it, but this place is a Pandoras box...the IWC is something I'd wanted for years and I am 40 next year, so...screw it. The Junkers is black on black, I think the camera plays tricks.
  14. Good spot I did manage to get a good discount abroad thankfully...and will not darken M&Ws door again... Thanks all!
  15. I'm new around here, but thanks to the great advice I have received from you lot, I am on my way.....for better or worse! Big day today. My IWC327004 IWC Le Petit Price Edition arrived. I originally tried my luck at Maplin & Webb, but the experience was awkward and pointless - after a long, protracted conversation and a little too much pretenciousness if you ask me, they made several phone calls before returning and explaining they were able to offer me.... £90 off! At least I got to try it on. So I took my search online and ordered from a US distributor. Could not be happier with it. Yesterday, my 166.062 Omega Seamaster Cosmic Automatic also arrived. Originally, I was looking at a 'standard' vintage Seamaster as a reasonable entry point into Omegas. However, the sixties feel of the Cosmic drew me in, and struck me as a little under rated? After some great tips here, I spent a little more on the best one I could find from, again, a US dealer. It definitely feels smaller compared to modern watches - but I love the fine detailing, the late sixties vibe and the history of the thing. The world it must have seen over the last 52 years... a great contrast to the IWC. I also have a WV211-B TAG Carerra Calibre 5, which I bought in 2015 as my first 'proper' watch and have worn every day since, until now. It's on it's third strap...that will soon go in for some fettling to remove some fine scratches. The other is a Junkers Bauhaus bought for me by my wife after we got married; it's a Quartz, but one that holds sentimental value, so won't be going anywhere! Next up...I am not generally into Divers, but I fancy a chrono. I currently have my eye on a Speedmaster, but not a Moonwatch; I like the Racing/Japanese SE/FOIS editions. I do like TAG Heuer Autavia and Monza, though I am not sure if I am allowed to. And the whole Poljot, iron curtain watch thing is also intriguing. I probably need a bigger box.
  16. Arrived today and could not be happier with it!
  17. My assumption is this makes a much better buy? Just serviced and refurbished, with a one year warranty. Pictures of the movement included. Looks to sitll have a nice brushed finish?
  18. Brilliant info. Really appreciate the insight guys. Many thanks for this....will pass on this one. That one is lovely. And I see the difference. Double the price but worth it - I guess you get what you pay for!!
  19. I'm considering the purchase of my first vintage watch and would appreciate advice on what to look for and what to pay. I really like the look of a Cosmic, particuarly one that retains the brushed finish rather than being polished to within an inch of it's life. I found this example - but what do you guys think? Prices seem to be all over the place for these. https://www.chrono24.co.uk/omega/omega-seamaster-cosmic--id18497459.htm
  20. Many thanks guys. Really appreciate the input. Kind of like the idea of a war weary watch that stays with me for twenty or thirty years and just does it’s job; it’s a ‘cheap’ watch in the grand scheme of things so perhaps more honest. Maybe I’ll reassess in a couple of years when she’s 7-8 years old!
  21. Hi all, So I am excitedly awaiting arrival of my IWC Whilst I wait, I am looking into servicing for my TAG Carrera WV211B-3. I bought it in 2015 and never been serviced though is worn every day and works just fine.... The case itself as some scratches and a small nick, so I was looking into getting this refinished as part of the service; but I am reading this might be a bad idea. What's the view on this - fine if it's done by a pro, or forget it entirely and leave it alone? I've been quoted £400+VAT for.... - full strip down clean of the movement - new mainspring - replace worn movement parts - regulation - full case/clasp refurbishment/refinish - ultrasonic/steam clean of the case/clap - reseal and test Is that fair? Any recommendations for who to use? Many thanks in advance....
  22. Newbie query... A quick search on the forum seems to reveal most of the mainstream brands 'aren't what they were', selling themselves out with cheaper components or jacked pricing compared to the good old days. Even brands I thought had a strong reputation (IWC, Breitling, Omega). Is this all hyperbol, or are you better off buying vintage if you want 'the real deal'? For example, a new IWC Le Petit Prince with an 8 year warranty appears to be cheaper than most of the used examples on Chrono24 - is that for a very good reason?
  23. Thank you all for the helpful advice. The research is as interesting as the buying
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