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  1. Hi, many thanks to you for your help. I've found my watch at this site and I think that it can be one of this models: http://roamer-watches.info/features/MST352/1/gallery.shtml#_self http://roamer-watches.info/features/MST264/1/gallery.shtml#_self Best regards, macrys
  2. Hi everyone. I have a Roamer watch and I don't know is it genuine or fake. I also don't know enything about the production date. I would like to ask you for help to verify it. I post links to some pictures of my watch. https://ibb.co/yWLrNVh https://ibb.co/RSxRC8G https://ibb.co/s5R58JD https://ibb.co/ysVRDpQ https://ibb.co/q1ThKKS Thanks for your help. Best regards macrys
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