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  1. Never could get into prog rock mate,more of a Bowie,Stones,Clash man myself,also anything by Nick Cave or Tom Waits or PJ Harvey.I just love the sound of vinyl, listening to music on anything else just doesn't sound that good to me
  2. Yes mate very nice spot,myself and the bread knife love it,while I have you on could you tell me how to post a photo of my collection and what thread it should be in,or do I have to wait until I have 50 or more posts, thanks for your help.
  3. My Breitling Super Avenger chronograph,can't post photo as I am a new member
  4. I am waiting for delivery of Oris Prodiver GMT any day now,got £500 of the list price so happy enough with that.
  5. Originally from Belfast,moved to crumlim now that the Mrs and myself are retired
  6. That white dial Zenith is stunning,love it
  7. I have 2 Breitlings...the Avenger 2 and the super Avenger chronograph,I will post the photos when I workout how to do it ( I am new on here and haven't figured everything out yet )
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