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  1. Hope you can help me out on this one, I have Prince Harry’s old pilot watch it’s a Generation 2 I found out by searching the other day, obviously it’s been prompted by the recent news and I dug it out again, I was in Afghanistan with him in 2012/13 and was the only Armourer that fixed and maintained the Apache guns and one of them was his cab, there were 8 in total and 10 Pilots out there he was also at my unit in Wattisham. As the armourer you deal with the other bits like compasses optics and watches, he bought the watch in because it stopped working, it still doesn’t, I was supposed to destroy and give him the paperwork for a new watch they were the pulsars but I didn’t rate them they came in all the time however the older ones from the stores including both the Seikos were normally the best, question is I want to get it fixed or sell it, what would you do? I was told to leave it as is because it belonged to him and it’s part of the story, I’m still serving now although I’m now although REME a CSM, obviously I have lots of bits to back up I was there including medal and a commendation for my work while working with the JAG on Herrick 17/18 Any advice would be appreciated
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