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  1. Hi @Darren 66 thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. The price you currently see on the website (€650 for the chrono) includes the VAT.
  2. @JonesinamillionThat's why we're also working on a quite significant number of variations but honestly the strap doesn't look so big on the wrist. on the "normal part" its starting from 20 to 18mm at the clasp
  3. @bridgeman I guess you have to pay the VAT on top now, the automatic model is currently at €665 excluding VAT. Regarding the risk to scratch the back, we've anodized the central screw and the aluminum head of our tool to lower the risk. You can also use an hex key if needed. @artistmike this watch came to us in some discussions yes. To be complete on the proprietary/idiosyncratic (thanks for my vocabulary :)) we have a deal with the Manufacture Jean Rousseau that will continue to produce/sell them if something happens to SYE.
  4. @rotundus, beyond the pure design appeal of the integration, there are many people that are not so happy about the lugs and do not find a perfect fit on the wrist (and not necessarily small wrists). We're also working on a steel bracelet and maybe other options based on your feedback ;)
  5. Hi Always watching, thanks for your feedbac. The strap is super complex to produce but the main point is that it's built to last for a very long time with the stainless steel end piece, a 3D printed piece to make the transition between steel and leather so that the shape is staying for long without any wrinkles or damages to the leather. There is a quick change bar also attached to swap easily the clasp between the different straps (if any). It is produced in France and leathers are high end sources especially from Chanel group. Just to give a bit more details on the conception
  6. Hi @caller, of course the strap is included, you can choose it among 10 variations.
  7. Hi Roy The additional / replacement strap is €150 with a top quality, manufactured in France with Jean Rousseau. We have a deal with Jean Rousseau that will continue to sell them if something happens to the company. And thanks for the encouragment.
  8. Dear all, I've recently discovered your forum and wanted to share with you the recent launch of our brand. Fueled with passion but with the will to bring something new to the market, we've developed our concept over 2.5 years to achieve a strong and deep integration between leather and steel. Such an integration required a new system (we've called it Fastback™ system) to fasten the strap to the watch case in a simple way, holding strong and bringing a special experience just for you. We've started with 2 models : MOT1ON Automatic 24 (mechanical automatic movement from Miyota) and MOT1ON Chronograph (meca-quartz movement from Seiko) both in 2 dials versions. We've tried our best to design something new and appealing with best in class finishing and tried to design a strap with a unique identity. You can have a brief look at our website to find out more : https://www.syewatches.com/pages/discover-sye-mot1on-a-premium-watch-with-a-strong-personality I also share here some pictures if you're interested. Do not hesitate to ask your questions, I'll try my best to answer them. Thanks for your time.
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