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  1. The new(ish) Tissot PRX is not quite octagonal but an interesting shape, worth having a look at
  2. Fantastic looking watch, thecdual is superb. Looks so much better in real life than a website
  3. The green one on the canvas type strap looks half decent, i quite like that. Not got a turtle, but if I was after one I'd definitely consider that one (and maybe put it on a nato)
  4. I had a look at one yesterday in Chester. The black with white dials version. It was really, really nice, felt robust. I was looking at a BB and BB58, and she said 'check out the chrono if you want'. I've now convinced myself in want one of these over BB58 now. Its definitely going to be one of the hot watches this year.
  5. How did you conclude it's a fake ? A mate of mine was showing me a nice SKX he bought on Ebay a while back, I had a look an noticed the bezel has a 90 click rotation. The watch seemed to be an incredibly good fake or it had been modd'ed at some point in its life. I want to life the bezel.up and inspect the ratchet but he was a bit hesitant !
  6. I have a couple of SKX007 watches, one has a 7S26A movement, I believe the 7S26B was I produced in 2006-8, and the serial number starts with 8, so it's either a 1998 or 2008. I suspect the older given my history with it. Are these SKXs more collectable or perhaps in the future people will want an older 'vintage'SKX ?
  7. It will be interesting to see what Tudor offer, the blue Black Bay from last year was an absolute winner for them. Perhaps some new colours ? I'm interested to see what Tissot have. The new PRX looks really nice..I'm waiting for lockdown to end next month to go see on in real life, maybe pick one up.
  8. I've seen a few reports on various FB groups and an occasional YT video of a scammer operating around Midlands and Yorkshire area. One that stuck in my mind was a scammer who is targeting the high end stuff, particularly Rolex and amateur dealers. After he has paid he causes a slight distraction, enough time to switch the envelope for a second one with a few notes at the top and the rest paper. You have to be so careful nowadays
  9. Thought I'd start a thread and say a quick Hi. I've read the site a few times over the last couple weeks, so thought I should join in. I'm into a range if watches, Swiss and Japanese I particularly enjoy, a mix of quartz and some mechanicals.
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