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  1. My only green dial watch... I like green dials but still find it a hard look to pull off, hence why I own only the one. Brought this one in Greece a few years back whilst on a family holiday.
  2. You are not the only one as I also thought it was Omnta at first. I saw one for sale a couple of days and after googling the name it brought me to this thread, which set me straight. It would appear there are quite a few people confused by the name as I have seen a few advertised for sale recently as "Omnta".
  3. Thanks, they look good. It is not a large desk so they would work well.
  4. Hi folks, I apologise if this has already been discussed elsewhere. I did have a search through the forum but could not find anything... I bought a smallish desk for the spare room whilst the youngest was home-schooling. Now that she is back at school I was thinking about using the spare room for some watch repairs/practice etc. I have seen a few pics of some members 'man caves' but was wondering if anyone uses any specialist covers for desks/tables or if such a thing exists? I have seen a couple of dedicated watch repair set ups but wondered what I might come up against ju
  5. That is a lovely watch. I think that was the one Q had a 'tracking device' feature built into. Certainly is the right kind of watch for some great 007 gadgets. Like Doctor Who we all have our James Bond's and mine was always Roger Moore. I remember the LED watch he wore briefly, my dad later gave me an old and battered LED watch and I loved it, I think it was even my first watch. I still have a bit of a thing for 70's LED watches.
  6. I was attracted to an Oris too. It certainly looked very nice from the outside!
  7. Thanks! I think it's generation thing, loved Bond's gadget watches growing up
  8. Thanks folks. I also wondered about watches from India as I see a lot of 'vintage' watches advertised and wondered how original they might be...they do seem to come in an amazing array of colours!
  9. Thanks Biker, the wife is already giving me that look
  10. Hi folks, Just a quick introduction as it seems to be the polite thing to do.... I'm in my late forties now, married with 2 amazing children and have been interested in watches since trying to make a version of James Bond's magnetic watch in 'Live and Let Die' from some old watch parts my dad had lying around (It didn't turn out too bad!). I am at that age where I now have plenty of time for myself and decided it was time to really explore my watch passion and see where it takes me. Great to be here and looking forward to all I can learn
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