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  1. True. Those are good. I wouldn't mind having the £££ to buy multiple versions of them to build a full bracelet made up from the links themselves. I think it would look cool. Unfortunately if I was to get one of those ones it would have cost more than the actual watch!
  2. Ok. Here's how I adjusted my too slack shark mesh bracelet. Pin it down on something, I used a hand adjust clamp but just get that nearest link solid. You don't want it moving around. I needed 2 'levels' taken off. I originally wanted and I would have preferred to use my Dremel. So my Dremel decided it was going to break today.. the neighbors must be thinking why I swore so much. So I popped the cutting disk and 'pole' into my hand drill.. yup! I'm a little crazy that way but.. frustration leads us down many a dark road.. Anyway.. this is not a horror story (but I
  3. New strap. Heres a couple more pictures..
  4. Camy Geneve Black Starjet. \o/ my strap arrived yesterday for my Starjet (and i may have put it on upside down in my excitement but don't tell me). Its supposed to be dots but the closest I could find was bars. So today, for its debut, I'll be wearing this and doing a 24 hour time test. Its a shame I will mostly be kicking around the house all day myself in my jammies to be wearing it.
  5. "Sympathetically altered." You know.. if I had the skills to remove and dismantle watches to the extent of getting the face separated from the watch (and putting them back together again). I would create better stuff than just trying to make frankenwatches. You have the ability to create your own designs "based" on whatever movement and case it once was. Inject a little bit of honesty into it and you just might sell more to people looking for your designs.
  6. Protected Crown, date at 3? Red seconds hand, indices dial, bracelet lugs hidden. Is that body hexagonal or curved? Is the green blob @9 a reflection of his shirt or a logo? Rounded crystal. The hands don't seem 'bulky modern, with arrows' but slim and 70-80s. Its slim enough but the bezel and crystal are almost the same height as the body. It doesn't look like its been adapted for an automatic (no bulge underneath). The dome crystal for a 70s or 80s might suggest waterproofing.
  7. The mood function seems broke. Or perhaps its in a huff.
  8. I'm not sure about 'this year's but I can see myself wanting this for quite some time to come. I would just sit and look at this and not know what time it was.
  9. I buy them, I wear them, I break them or I give them away. I think I've lost a couple too. In fact, I don't think I have ever 'sold' anything. I was paid once to build a guitar, but it cost me more to make it than I was paid so I guess I gave it away.
  10. I've been toying with the idea of getting one of these. Are they well made and do they annoy you when you want to know the time?
  11. I did a quick search for this thing to see it's price and look what Google gave me in the quick reply box (website removed).
  12. Arghh!!! I totally agree! Watch complications, dates, times, little pictures in little windows.. moons! They even make the hour hands go around TWICE in one day.. TWICE.. What we need are clearly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!
  13. That's a thing.. my Boctok bracelet came with the watch Nov 20 and although it fits perfectly to the watch, it's the exact same as other bracelets I've seen on the bay. It's also temperamental and has pinged open once or twice. I couldn't stand my Seiko bracelet, then again, I swapped it out for a shark mesh and although I like it, I've been told it's ugly as sin.
  14. I've have a Picador London watch with a strap like that (but it is cheap, and it is "branded"). It's cool spotting watches. I've noticed Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead both wearing Tag chronometers.. yeah yeah, I'm a Wheeler Dealer fan , shoot me.
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