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  1. Could it be.. that on your left wrist, your crown keeps popping out, stopping the watch but the movement of your wrist pops it back in?
  2. Perhaps.. but mine just sits there.. lurking.. threatening my 50's Accurist and taking up more space than the slot width. It's growling, waiting on me replacing it's plastic case with a metal one so it can become a tank. A far too expensive tank that I might never wear and too unique to move out the collection. It's the Cuckoo in my watch nest.. I'm not quite sure what to do with it.
  3. Why do people keep limiting my fantasy money? Hmm.. ok, I would probably chase down a second hand Omega or Longines, try and get a chrono. Edit.. Here's one at £990 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LONGINES-HERITAGE-AUTOMATIC-CHRONOGRAPH-L2-747-4-/124264051196?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  4. Good morning. I'll wear this today, probably. Just something small and simple
  5. Not really, a chariot would be driven, a horse would be ridden, etc. It means the object has been used for its purpose. It could be translated as "action" but not used without a object to have its purpose of "doing" what it would be described as. There is no need for the verb because it is implied by the noun. See what I mean?
  6. Perhaps the universe needs taken in for a service.
  7. Psst... a little word in your ear.. Change the date of your mock up photos to a number that you would not see on a clock dial, not 12.. pick something like 27 or something.
  8. £1.50 with free delivery.. I choose 200 of these!
  9. If it is a birthday gift, shouldn't the gifter choose? On the other hand, a day out to a jewelers for them to put them both on.. might make a special day out. Yeah.. go try them both on him.
  10. I like the idea of having a watch born at the same time as me.. couple of visits to the dr jewellers.. couple of new straps.. see if I can outlive the little bugger!
  11. I'll take the Seagull Heritage at £276
  12. Good morning. This.. My new strap arrived for my Tacs. Much more adjustable than the orig one that came with the watch.
  13. You have the skills to buy a watch specifically suited to your friend for.. say £80.. then do a swap..
  14. I don't need another one.. I've already got 4 post apocalyptic watches. Oh go on then, I'll take the diver just in case the planets ice caps melt next time.
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