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  1. I thought I would just leave the ones I liked. I like that 2nd bottom one best. Have a peek at these.. https://projectswatches.com/collections/all-products
  2. I really like the numbers/indices/hands combination in the case shape (bit small for me) but I'm wondering if it needed the white circle/box on the subdial.
  3. I thought that might be a tricky question for you. It seems like you have a delivery every week! I've been thinking that if I look through my WRUW posts I could probably find my subconscious favourite because I've picked it to wear the most.
  4. Yeah. Black. It's just the wrong shade of blue.
  5. Yeah but I like funky designs. That one though.. pass. The hour hand looks like it ran into a wall.
  6. They might not be fabulous but.. they aren't doing anything wrong with the styles. Their prices are a little bit high when all things are considered (probably OEM China) but I've seen worse. Not my choice though. Not my bag.
  7. I just can't figure out where the strap/bracelet fits on this one.
  8. Oops.. distracted by the door.. My question is.. Whats been your best purchase of 2021?
  9. So I've made my last purchases of 2021 this month. With the exception of fixing out some bracelets, thats me until next year. I'm gonna miss the postie bringing those little boxes! AVI-8 Hawker Hunter Tokyo flash Equalizer (bracelet incoming). And incoming.. PRS-40 Incoming.. AARK Iconic Inox It's been fun this year collecting since I joined this forum. Thanks
  10. Obviously he can't answer, he can't answer that.
  11. Mine was some type of LED watch that had a touch sensitive button on it. Touch the little round bit and it would light up and tell time. I only remember the button wouldn't press in and eventually trying to find out how it worked by stabbing it repeatedly with the pointy end of a compass. I actually would consider my childhood weird if I had kept things from the age of 6... even if they had survived.
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