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  1. I think if I were to give any advice on kick-starting a project I would be just talking out my bum. But I do know what I'm looking for.. Solid SS bracelet on 'normal' lugs at around 20mm that will not come loose from a heavy case. I don't want a busy face, not even a date. No huge numbers. I know where each hour is thank you. No bezel (does anyone ever use it?). The only thing written on the face should be the name (you can put all that other stuff on the back). A 'quality' hand wind movement! I don't need my watch to go to 1000m underwater. 10-20m but it would be good to have it "s
  2. I have no idea. My old shaky hands can bearly change a strap and although I purchased a tool for removing the back, anytime I've tried I need help putting the damned thing back on. So it's for emergency procedures only.
  3. Oh wow! Look! So THATS what a clean one looks like. I'm stunned and amazed. Edit- that guy said it is more than 40 years old.. it looks pure 80s to me. He also paid too much.. mine was £10 (including delivery).
  4. I don't know if this is pre or post 1980. Where it came from or who made it.. but I have a sneaky suspicion that it is unusually accurate for such a fugly thing! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the "Swiss made", Trafalgar! This fine timepiece 'probably' debuted at either Topman or Tesco and instantly became rare as no-one purchased any. It's size 44x35x11mm is only dwarfed by the amount of dust that has accumulated in it's non-water resistant casing. So I am going to wear this today, safe in the knowledge that only I have the ability to appreciate this fine exa
  5. So I'm still playing around with this thing and I found a daft watch in my rag tag collection called a "Trafalgar" (Swiss made? Probably Swiss cheese). I believe this thing came from Tesco or Topman or something from about 30 years ago. To be honest, I don't really know anything about it, its been there for so long in a little box because I couldn't fit a strap to it. The lug bar sits so close to the watch case in the middle that it almost touches it. But when I timed it, I got this.. Wtf? OK cool.. but at 21,600bph? So I've squeezed an old plastic/faux leather strap to it
  6. If anyone knows when this was made, I would appreciate it.
  7. I don't know if anyone knows what this is.. no, not the movement, my condition. See.. I have something called "essential tremors". Basically I have shaky hands etc.. if I try to do something that needs precision then it becomes tenfold. Can I cut a slice of cheese with a sharp knife, yes.. but it probably will have a bit of finger included. I prefer bracelets because straps have little holes in them that need a few minutes to coordinate everything. Taking the back off of my watch for a photo was, shall we say "problematic" and I needed help to put it 'loosely' back on. A
  8. Oh! I like that! Its the depth of it. Seems like a nice bracelet too. Its one of those things that just tick my tocks, shall we say. Well done.
  9. I've been searching around and the only thing I've found is a petrol dip. The advice on that is "don't do it!!!" from everyone that seems to know anything about watches. Seemingly it melts the glue that holds the crystals inside and the watch goes crunch! Now its either "the bin" or one last thing. Soooo.. the friend who suggested heating it has said my radiators may not be hot enough and suggested wrapping it in a baggie and giving it a boil dunk. He's suggesting that because its old, the oil has hardened inside it and stuck it and the heat might melt that part thats stuck but doe
  10. Simple Sekonda for me today. But I might switch to a chrono for the football later on. And I'm an hour fast?? I'm lucky I looked at my post.
  11. The only watches I have where the date is correct are Quartz (and some of them are wrong too).
  12. Yes I know.. "..of course there isn't, get it serviced!" But heres me, poor, with a watch I love and that watch probably isn't worth the money of the postage to the watchmaker and definitely not worth the service (even if i could afford it). If it gets broken more then that's just that, broken now, broken later. So I don't mind trying out some crazy stuff. I know some tricks might just give it a little more life (like removing steel strings from your guitar and boiling them to liven them up a little and give them zing! - and no, I'm not going to boil my watch). Speaking to my fr
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