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Community Answers

  1. This.. It's unimpressive, not expensive and too small but I pick it out and enjoy wearing it quite regularly and can't figure out why.
  2. Looks nice Good luck with the op mate
  3. My dad told tales of his dad's trick to get the 'correct' time. When he met someone with a watch he would ask the time and then set his own watch to whatever time was halfway between the two times (unless it was wildly different) after asking 4-5 times, his was often the most accurate out of everyone.
  4. Looks like a nice restoration project.
  5. Good morning I haven't had this on in a while.
  6. Edit.. sorry. Too much beer.. Please form a que and slap me.
  7. All too small for me. Just on a side note, this forum post must be playing havoc with the ebay TWF popup advert thing. I bet its thinking "so much to choose from" and spurting its silicon peanuts deciding what to do with all the info.
  8. Jay, you are technically hours ahead of everyone.. you should be the one that starts the wruw forum posts each day instead of adding one at the end.
  9. The strange thing I found in this is the use of J.M.J in the closing music.
  10. I think.. "this whole post" Yes. I admit it's true. . I quoted my thoughts. Sometimes I'm right.. sometimes I'm left.
  11. Psst.. If y'all want a trusty peep to sell y'all watches wit no box or papes.. am yo man.. I can get ya watches wit no paper an box's.. and I got a face yo can trust. Just trust dude.. what yo want..?? Rolex.. no probs.. Omega.. just say.. I get my boys on it.. dooood.. we got Piguet.. we got Patek.. step right up.. we got bargains galore.. thats right you can be the owner of that quality wholesale before that name goes on... we got service aftersale.. They come in all colours and one size fits all..
  12. I blame the weather. We are Brittish. We always blame the weather
  13. Wait.. you're in an office and you need to check the date from your watch instead if asking your colleagues? Let me guess.. you're a civil servant. Am I correct?
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