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  1. Nice temptations are everywhere and will lead you away from your path. Yes, it may be something you love but 'something you might love' will raise its head every day. Personally I like it. But.. I've seen that bracelet on aliX and it has been mentioned, the movement can be found on that same website. You lose nothing if you stick to your plan. Edit.. seen that bracelet for under £20
  2. My longest is my prs-40 at 55mm and even with my chunky wrists its close to my limit. It wears slim though and the length gives it good proportion. Hopefully this will be the same with the Nomos. On the flipside of that, 'the borg' Oulm watch is 50 x 50 x 10mm but its design and shape make it appear much much bigger than it is. I think if you get your nomos on a thick leather strap or nato that blends in the rounded lug hole shape it will appear much smaller. Its slimness bringing it closer to the wrist and its lightness should help it feel more comfortable and look better. A good strap goes a long long way.
  3. I wear my toys mostly to have fun. I can fully understand people showing off wealth, peacocking, dressing up and wearing jewellery, wearing remembrances, and just good old mechanical appreciation. So I don't think all of these reasons (and others I didn't think to list) will ever go away and so.. People will always wear watches. Perhaps less people as years go by but they will always be produced and sold.
  4. Morning. Bit of fun for a boring Monday. Have a good one
  5. See.. This item is 60 or 70 years old.. when you pick it up it begins to serve a purpose with daily accuracy. It should continuously serve its purpose for perhaps 100 years. Can I say the same for any "smart watch"? Umm.. no. Anyway.. they are just portable computers worn on the wrist. This doesn't mean they are watches. We don't collect phones and consider them pocket watches.
  6. I like Xeric. Yeah, very unusual without being mental. That wandering hours watch is particularly nice and one of the most affordable out there.
  7. I'm going to say goodnight because I'm off to sleep now, wearing this.. Have a nice Sunday.
  8. Well it mostly lies dormant in my watch box and was worn for approximately 12 hours or so from zero charge with just a daily wearing (I didn't go jogging or anything like that). So.. figuring out if its a capacitor or a rechargeable battery would be first, then guessing how long a 12 hour normal wear will run second, then the last consideration would be age of watch I guess. There's no prize for whoever gets closest, I just thought it would be a bit of fun and having a record of it might be helpful for other people with this type of watch. Btw.. it's still ticking.
  9. Well the watch has no choice really. If I was required to wear it every day, it would soon end up being tested for pressure under bus wheels or used as a line weight for beach cast fishing. Watch.. "please wear me all the time.. protect my precious capacitor.. please?" Me.. "I am your master. Be an object of time on demand or be an object of fish food" Its still ticking away.. frightened of cod & busses.
  10. Oh no.. €30,000 nah.. its not nice enough for that. And to top it off they want an extra €10,000 to swap out the stainless case for a gold one. Fair enough its gold but a €10,000 mark up in price?
  11. So.. I've been wearing this today.. Its a Pulsar Kinetic purchased about 8 months ago from Fleebay so I couldn't really say much about its history. Its not often worn by me and sits in my watch box most of the time. Its a decent little thing, nice but not too flashy, keeps good time.. Today, I picked it out and gave it a little shoogle to start it and set the time/date. I didn't do much of anything today, a bit of housework, sat watching TV, had a couple of beers and stuff. As the date was getting ready to change at midnight, I took this photo to see how long it would run for, in my box, with no other movement. Testing out the capacitor/battery to see how long it will go for.. a day.. week.. month? I will post a picture in here when it stopped and I notice. I just thought someone might be interested in my little experiment. Your free to all have a guess, see who gets closest, might be fun to earn some WIS kudos.
  12. Morning (Old photo). Simple Pulsar Kinetic for me today. I suspect the capacitor in this will need changing soon but I'm not sure which will cost more, new capacitor or new watch.
  13. Set up alerts on ebay as a search for "Ted baker"
  14. Lathe.. with alcohol you could lose a finger! When you get in the zone, time just fly by.
  15. <-- Pinches the Omega from both @Bricey & @Welsh Wizard so I can have 2.
  16. Ooooh.. me likey very lots! Kickstarter I presume? I saw this somewhere when I had no funds.
  17. I have that same watch but made by Paula Reis (awaiting a bracelet).
  18. How many WIS does it take to screw in a lightbulb.. 100 1 to hold the bulb and 99 to rotate the house. Its just more likely the photo was needing rotated.
  19. Morning. Another lazy day for me busy doing nothing.. so I'm going to enjoy watching the hours slowly drift by.. Enjoy your day
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