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  1. If I ever had to make an appointment with a boutique to buy a watch.. I would realise that I had lost all contact with reality and seriously need a slap from all my friends and family, individually, in a que, with random strangers able to join in if they were curious.
  2. Now I have all sorts of questions.. What IS that watch..? Is it automatic? Did it have to be serviced? Is it waterproof? Where is the bezel?
  3. Perhaps you could charge 'fish per minute' so penguins can look at it for long periods of time.
  4. Umm.. no. I'm quite sure there are a mountain of quasi-equerry avariciouados that perform perfect wardrobe functions at all points in her stifled existence.
  5. Its nice to know that everyone can have an exclusive watch. It gives everyone a warm and fuzzy feeling
  6. Hi. Welcome. Post up a picture (can be tricky figuring out how) in the WRUW today Post and join in. Nice people, we all have a laugh
  7. Err on the side of caution. --- I usually just take a waterproof beater and try to buy something when I'm there. It makes a better keepsake than a fridge magnet.
  8. If I had it I think a few taps of my hammer could improve it hmm.. no. Even if it was slightly flatter with joyous patina.. it would still be horrific. I think we should all pay money to vote on someone else to win it. I actually think that's brilliant @redmonaco I would love it. Its so weird its fantastic!
  9. Is it just me or do ch24 massively hike the prices of all their watches? It seems that they think they have some sort of 'image of prestige' and everything they sell is just 'so much better' than other watch sellers. (cue fainting virgins wearing a watch falling slomo into fields of butterflys.. "this watch is not just any watch.. this watch is a Chrono24 watch.. especially selected for you..) I think ch24 have their heads firmly pushed so far inside that they can't even kiss it anymore. Exquisite! Prestige! Shiny! Boak! Am I being too harsh?
  10. These are cool, I follow the seller and have been tempted 3 times but something always gets in the way (doubts) I often wonder if I get one, how good the QC would be and if they have a bit of class in their.. .. 'construction' (as the seller also sells 'parts'). They do look good though and the seller bubbles under the whole 'chinese built microbranded design wonderlust'. He just builds watches out of parts. That appeals to me.
  11. I think I've saw one in the wild. The person was a little shy about it but I knew what it was when I glanced at it from about 5 feet. Distinctive and unusual. Its one of those timepieces when you know them, you see them. TBH, I would love one. I would have to get a bracelet for it though but there's no point in me looking.. I couldn't afford it.
  12. I think.. (This doesn't include vintage +25 years watches.) Under £300 makes no difference but it would be nice. +£300 I want the box or someone didn't care for the watch. +£800 box and papers (or equivalent) because nobody buys things at that price and doesn't care to keep the receipts in the box. Listen, even if you are mega loaded, you keep these things for insurance purposes. Or.. you don't care about money, you throw it away and you don't "sell" anything... you don't need the cash.
  13. Oh.. tad envious of your EB and I don't say that often. I would have gone for the Holton auto but thats just me Nice one B
  14. Thats my point though, everybody seems to be liking the 'same' things. I will probably buy one at some point with the best auto movement, crystal, water resistance, lume etc that I can afford and use it for holidays (any activity close to water) but they seem to be an obsession. Back in the day the flavour was chronographs but they seem more expensive and that's probably the driving force behind all the divers we are seeing.
  15. Can you guys really tell the difference between all these divers? Maybe its because I'm not too interested in this style of watch that I don't pay much attention to them but it seems to me if the names were taken from them most people couldn't tell them apart. Sure, you can have a multitude of bezel styles (personally I like the stark plain style like Unimatic) but all I'm seeing are 8 dots 4 stripes and bold hands (all designed for lume for deep water, I understand). I often hear in here the statement that people like wearing a watch that they will never see another person wearing in the wild, so to speak.. but there are just so many of these.. ..and to me.. they all look the same. I just don't get it and I will probably have to buy one of these if I'm ever going to understand what the fuss is all about.
  16. Goodmorning OK, since its going to be incredibly hot today, I'm avoiding mechanicals and going quartz. Also, shark mesh are the only bracelet I've found that doesn't sweat the wrist. I think its a combination of wind through the holes and the way the coils sit above the skin and can cool down. Of course, you can always put a diver on and sit with your hand in a bucket of water.
  17. Switching to this little number and away out cufflinked up. Probably not the best day for it but someone wants a meal and a bit of socialising. Little Black and gold bling Camy Starjet. Tbh I don't think I will be much company and can see this evening as a sun blasted washout. Hey ho!
  18. Most people I know have a 20 year old 'beaten' beater they wear constantly or their watch is in a drawer somewhere needing a new battery. The only exception is a dog walker who I've spotted with an Omega speedmaster, a Breitling (looks like a navitimer), and another that resembles a Panerai Marina. When I complimented him on the Panerai and asked what it was, it quickly disappeared up his sleeve and he mumbled "just a retirement present" so I guessed he didn't want to show it off.
  19. A little bit of fun today.. Spiderman, spiderman.. I might go out later for a meal and change into something more.. adult
  20. Good morning Old photo (I think I should set up some glamor shots of my favourite watches little project maybe) Vintage Ricoh for me today, I don't know much about it other than it doesn't function very well. Is Ricoh pronounced 'reek-oh' or 'Ry-cogh' or some other stranger way? Anyway.. HAGD
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