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  1. I see bubbles coming out the crown.
  2. Neither. I bet you already have a really nice watch or two.. go and have fun. Recently, I spent all of £7 on a wrist sundial to have beers in the garden on sunny days. I'm going to have more enjoyment and laughs with my mates wearing this than you will buying either of those watches. The icing on the cake is that my woman won't complain and I will still have money for barbeques and beers.
  3. This. A busy day traveling for me. Style wise.. we read the same page today.
  4. This is the first video of 65 different escapements on this YouTube channel. All credit goes to the guy who found them all and put them all together. They all seem to last about 1 minute long (most of them anyway) and they are quite memorising. These are the beating hearts of our toys.
  5. You could take quartz watches and make car gear sticks with a watch integrated on the top of it. If you make millions from this idea, I'll have a Purnell as thanks
  6. Gold on gold when very old. But it all depends on the watch.. Black metal straps are a bit unusual if you want that unique look but they need quite a bit of care not to scratch.
  7. "Shark" is the key word here. It definitely should go back 'into' the water or be put in a position where it might have that chance Just jesting... it matches the watch well.
  8. I'm not sure but I think (think) that they all kinda fit if the round head of the watch is the same diameter as the one you are fitting because the back of the rounded part is tightened to pull it into the side of the watch (but you will never get as good a fit as the manufacturer did). Also.. make sure the lug size is correct. Someone with more experience than I have should comment because I'm half guessing here.
  9. I'm NEVER wearing one of those. TBH I don't even like leather straps and the only benefit I can see from them is giving a watch a splash of colour. I switch wrists constantly too and most leather numbers are too fiddly for swapping (I've tried those quick release buckles, still no). Natos feel like the straps I had as a kid. I'll pass on them too. All I think about with bunds are "rock on dude, heavy metal man!"
  10. If its not a knights templar / masonic watch. Then you might be interested in this.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emblems_of_the_International_Red_Cross_and_Red_Crescent_Movement
  11. Are you looking for something like this?
  12. Aye, I did too. Now I'm waiting on my pizza
  13. I switched. The strap killed me. New one ordered. Sun is shining.. out for a beer.
  14. Here are some tri-axis tourbillons.. This one is not strictly a watch but shows their construction.. This is a table clock but opens at day and closes at night (get this in a watch!) Wait.. what?? How? ... double tourbillon one for last but.. Eh? "Dear Santa, any of the above. Thanks"
  15. I might wear this today.. But I've had it on for 20 minutes or so and the expanding bracelet is doing my nuts in. On the other hand, I'm going to be doing mad random stuff and i really don't mind if this gets damaged.
  16. TBH, I don't really like bezels but this one is quite nice. I like the way the glass distorts it and makes it look part of the watch not just stuck on it to make it look bigger.
  17. Mach 0.0.... reminded me today why I like watches. He has a wrist sundial (it inspired me to go buy one myself) and it is 'types' of timepieces I like, not brand names of watches or the different styles. As a kid I made my windows into a sundial by recording the shape of the sunlight each hour as it passed across the wall. I could glance at the wall and know roughly what time it was. Tourbillon pieces are fascinating and the newer triple axis ones are just astounding! Anyway.. Back to the hourglass..
  18. Like I said, there are exceptions but when are the exceptions going to be the timepieces that break with most timepieces lasting a long long time? I'm also impressed with the chase towards perfection in mechanical movements. Unfortunately this seems to produce more delicate movements. I still think someone should have improved on the spring power reserve and timed escapement. We seem to have 'stuck' with the design (improved it, true) and followed suit without rethinking the idea. Quartz seems to have been our greatest leap so far. Electrical and chemical. Mechanical watches s
  19. Its been 250 years now and they have still to make a watch where the movement doesn't break, doesn't wear out, needs serviced etc. Now don't get me wrong, some movements can last a very very long time and I'm not looking for something indestructible or un-damageable but surely by now they should have improved things to such a degree that for something made of metal that costs the price of a house, it should be less delicate than something that costs the price of a few days in a hotel. These days the opposite is almost true. Wheres the watch that will tell the time each day and witho
  20. Nah. Reminds me of this.. But with gold and wizzards.
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