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  1. SolaVeritate's post in Back of 6431-5110 stuck was marked as the answer   
    Maybe this will help.
  2. SolaVeritate's post in Battery keeps popping out was marked as the answer   
    This happened to me recently when I tried to change a renata (orig battery) with a cheaper AG1 battery. I found the top edge of the AG1 was slightly more rounded than the renata and it kept popping out. 
    I ordered another renata and had no problems. 
  3. SolaVeritate's post in Ricoh Medallion - Strap Adjustment (and cosmetic) Advice Needed was marked as the answer   
    Resizing the bracelet is the least of your worries.
    I wouldn't run a watch with loose parts inside the dial/face. 
  4. SolaVeritate's post in Broken bezel was marked as the answer   
    There are literally thousands of replacement bezel inserts for a multitude of different watches from the customization scene. You will need the exact bezel size and send out some messages/mails to the customizers selling the parts. Your bezel might be exactly the same size as a Seiko or Boctok for example.
  5. SolaVeritate's post in What's the best way to crack open a case with no grove for the knife ? was marked as the answer   
    A photo would help.
    Be careful it isn't a 'screw off' back.
  6. SolaVeritate's post in Paint removal was marked as the answer   
    Not a great photo but nice result.
    36 hour bath in nail polish remover softened up the paint or loosened the bonding with the metal and a needle used to peel it away from the steel.
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