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  1. Hi All I’m really into Hamilton watch as I’m in the military and they issued one to me. As such I bought another piece (Jazzmaster) off Amazon. Question is how would I know if it’s a genuine product. I received it in a case like pouch without the box, and comes in a blank warranty card. Seller claims it’s authentic tho and gladly take in returns. But it will be much of a hassle for a return. Also mentioned that it was already shipped to them in that state before selling it to me. Anyone could help me out? It’s my first time buying an expensive watch (for me) and I know that if it’s not from AD, usually the warranty is blank. I have 28 more days to return it. Thanks in advance! Watch: HAMILTON JAZZMASTER Model No: H42565731 https://ibb.co/xsZLwqB https://ibb.co/sKQLZb4l https://ibb.co/4SMmFjz https://ibb.co/ftpcryS
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