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  1. I had looked at the snowflake too. And the 2020 grey dial high beat. For a quartz the Grey Beast looked lively but I see GS discontinued it last year but kept the black / yellow option. The White Birch also looks a lovely watch. So much choice.
  2. Thank you. The one watch I had which I most regret selling was the Omega Dark Side of the Moon. It’s got up in price a fair bit since I bought it. Knowing what I know now, if I still had £8,500 to spend on one watch (I don’t). I would have to go with the SeaQ or Fifty Fathoms.
  3. What about a Grand Seiko? Are you fans? I had looked at the Seiko SLA043 limited edition too. Medium beat movement.
  4. The Mark 18, despite not yet being the Spitfire in-house movement, is my current favourite. I like the Arabic numerals and it’s simple classic design. Thank you. I wish I could see some Sinns in person. The other option I did look at is the Doxa C-Graph which is another Chronograph.
  5. Evening all. I am new to the forum but, as a watch fan, I am looking forward to spending time on this forum and learning more. I have always been a one watch guy and have sold before buying new. Over the years I have even tried ceramic in the Dark Side of the Moon and Planet Ocean Black. I am now keen to start a collection and looking to kick it off with a circa £5k purchase but torn between several models. I am a watch wearer and don’t buy as an investment. The models O have looked at are: IWC - Spitfire Chrono or Spitfire automatic. I think the latter may be too small for
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