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  1. Opinions appreciated Earlier this year I purchased a IWC ingenieur IW357001 brand new from an AD for £3k on 0% finance(RRP £4250) ive just offloaded it to a online merchant for £2900. put a £2k deposit down on a speedy MOTM and got a nice Longines hydro as a daily beater for £950. Both the IWC and speedy are on 0% finance, so I essentially have got a £2900 loan with an interest charge of £100. reason I flipped the IWC is i just didn’t think it was worthy of a family heirloom. Selitta movement etc. I’m gonna save up and get a really top end dress watch. Im conside
  2. I’m working class, but have moved up in my career to afford small luxuries. I used to have a E350 Mercedes, as I don’t smoke, gamble and only drink on very rare occasions, that was “my treat”. After many ridiculously high prices bills from Mercedes which seemed never ending I decided to sell the car, which although was pre owned was still losing £500 a month in depreciation. now I think.. what do I appreciate as much as a nice car, but won’t drain my hard earned cash. watches were my obvious choice, when you see the reaction people have to spending £5k on a watch and explain tha
  3. Update, kept my IWC for now, waiting for the JLC calendar moon phase to appear on Chrono24 bought my grail Chrono, got me a tasty speedy MOTM with black leather strap ( hesalite). figured nearly every other watch I own had sapphire and an exposed mechanism so why not.
  4. I think they look very similar, in an ideal scenario I’d have the black strap on my IWC and brown on the JLC. but I’m purchasing a Speedy MOTM as the chrono for my collection. The price of the JLC is £4400, and I’m being offered £3k for my IWC. £1400 plus an IWC for the JLC! whilst we’re on the subject, can anyone think of a better Chrono than a speed master MOTM, obviously Rolex are not an option as I’m not paying 50% above retail for anything!
  5. Currently own a IWC ingenieur 2017 model, although purchased this year from AD with good discount. despite this line receiving lots of negativity ( mostly due to the ETA clone movement) I think the watch looks stunning. it looks very similar to the JLC master control date, which is a grail of mine. ive been offered a good trade in price for the IWC if I purchase a 2020 model of the JLC. question is... Is the IWC a contender in this discussion, or is it a get rid now and grab the JLC, resale isn’t on the cards, I’m thinking of leaving my watch collection to my kids.
  6. There’s much more to life than a beer garden …That can mean whatever I want it to. Live and let live
  7. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the look on my sons face more when I present him with one of these watches in 30 years time, than you will when having a liver transplant because of those “ crazy days in the beer garden with your mates” most of which you’ll have forgotten about due to brain cells being pickled Btw, offcourse my wife knows how much they cost, ( it’s called taking the piss) and I sense some inflated self importance amongst some comments! life’s way too short to take offence, laugh it off and move on
  8. Anyone got any idea what the latest rulings are regarding shipping watches to Europe. sold a watch on Chrono24, but getting a solid answer from the top couriers is like blood from a stone It’s a quartz watch, but I believe those type of batteries are not on the prohibited list cheers in advance
  9. Ernest Jones...! Took a Bremont back to them for a refund, and the clueless store manager tried talking me into changing my mind. needless to say, he spent almost 30 minutes inspecting it for damage, if only they where that enthusiastic when shipping them out by the dozen over the Xmas rush!
  10. I purchased an IWC from Bucherer online, never came with plastic over the case. but it’s unworn, and has an 8 year warranty My seiko SNK came with a blank warranty card, but I got it off Amazon, so receipt won’t go missing.
  11. I already have an IWC, and that’s what has made the Roly catch my eye. the only bracelet watches I have at the moment are a Longines hydroconquest, and a GS. My Navi and IWC, both have black leather straps, so JLC would have to be dark brown. It is when I can spend that on the wife, it’s the proverbial “throw the dog a bone” keeps her of the scent The JLC is probably the closest I’ll ever get to experiencing one of the “big 3”. I had a Rolex some years back, paid £1700 new, sold it a year ago for £4K. Think I’ll pull the trigger on the JLC.. then get on a wai
  12. So... im currently having an inner debate, as I can’t let the wife know how much i invest in my watches! choice A: 2009 Rolex Air King with blue dial and Roman numerals, original papers and box. choice B: 2021 Jaeger Le Coultre master date, black leather strap, and still has 7 years manufacturing warranty. I was dead set on the Jaeger, but the Rolex is cheaper by £500... and it’s a Rolex! I feel it should be a no brainer and it’s Jaeger all the way, any advice/ opinions welcome
  13. https://www.chisholmhunter.co.uk/vacheron-constantin-fiftysix-complete-calendar-moonphase-watch.html Quite a steal at only £20,900!
  14. Just bought a solo, black face, white hands, 43mm dial with the polished finish. RRP is £3095 on these, got it from an AD for £2100, 0% finance, and a free Wolf watch winder.
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