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  1. I gave a gift to my fiancé a MULAN citizen last month https://www.citizenwatch.com/us/en/product/GA1057-01W.html?cgid=disney#start=9 I might get another one from Citizen branch in Dubai, so beautiful
  2. I think Rolex Submariner was the most unique wristwatch I ever worn. Submariner was the one that I could swim and dive without concern of getting that damaged. So elegant and stylish
  3. Hey guys I'm new to this forum and as start I'd love to share something with you My wrist size is so small, I'm so annoyed with that and can't do anything For years I tried to increase my wrist size with exercise but didn't grow at all. Because of that, I can't have my own watch. Every wristwatch is loose and it doesn't fit. How can I deal with that? Is there any solution for that?
  4. I have these watches : W26 Plus smartwatch inside W55 smartwatch Inside T5 plus smartwatch outside N9168 Naviforce Outise Yacuza Invicta Outside Venom Hybrid Invicta Outside Gucci watch outside The best watch I have is N9168 Naviforce, Full of energy, Sport and luxury
  5. I have a seiko watch model, named SEIKO SSB I don't know which is still under production or not, but in my opinion it's the best watch I've ever seen Seiko's are wonderful
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