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  1. Its one (of a few) that I'm sure would/will be disappointing and just cheap tat, but that does make me keep coming back to look again. I have no idea how many times I have hit 'edit' then put a tick in the box next to it and hovered over delete, them thought...."if it goes below £100....."
  2. One more Glycine, creeping above £500 now, but its a lovely looking watch https://www.ashford.com/glycine-gl0303.html
  3. I always figured they wanted to stick an X in there to be a bit like Rolex but then realised people would take them in the bath.
  4. I've watches it finish unsold and then drop the starting price each time. I figure by early Novemeber they'll pay me to take it off their hands!
  5. A Fortis with funky lugs at around £400 https://www.ashford.com/fortis-900-20-31-l08.html I'd expect 20% VAT plus a small admin charge (usually around £5-10). Certima DS-1 under £300 https://www.ashford.com/certina-c0064281605100.html The DS-1 on a bracelet if you prefer. https://www.ashford.com/certina-c0064281105100.html As a rule of the, assume the dollar price is pounds and it should be close to the actual cost including duty. But please check before you buy, I posted as these seem like really good prices to me even allowing for the import charges.
  6. https://www.ashford.com/glycine-gl0348.html? £160, plus I think you can sign up for the newsletter and get a further 10% off, seems like a really good deal to me. But 44mm is just on the large side for me. If you prefer something a little smaller (37mm) and traditional looking, this FC is around £200 (again with a further 10% potentially available to come off of that) https://www.ashford.com/frederique-constant-fc-235m4s4.html And while I'm looking, £75 for this Tissot Quickster looks a decent price as well! https://www.ashford.com/tissot-t0954101703701.html Got a few Glycine Combat Subs at around £250. Funny coloured U Boat (with the oil inside the dial) under £250 https://www.ashford.com/u-boat-ub-8469-mt.html Going up a little a smart looking modern Rado that speaks to their more traditional styles (to please @WRENCH) for around £560 (so almost £500 with 10% off your first order). https://www.ashford.com/rado-r15762102.html
  7. Right, so I'd stuck with the original brown thus far as I felt it was good quality and comfortable, and I quite like brown for a strap....but having seen the different straps you chaps had tried I thought I'd have a dig through my 20mm's. Black Sailcloth looked much smarter and improved the watch. In fact a very boring plain black leather band improved the watch. So I tried the mesh and felt that lifted the watch another level. Then I eyed the weird grey tweed strap that came as an aftermarket extra with something I bought at some point, and even that looks good on this baby. I'm now torn on what to go with!
  8. Oris, Fortis and Rado were the three "big" brands that operate around my upper price range that I most wanted to try. Maybe Bell and Ross too. I've managed to get there with Oris recently and love mine. One of those remaining three will be my next "bigger buy" when I get to a stage I have enough to have a clear out that would fund something I like from one of them.
  9. I'm sure I'm not alone (the comments certainly suggest I'm not) in saying I (we) appreciate you taking us along for the ride, it is fascinating to see in real time the decisions, considerations, options, and no doubt problems and road blocks that you will face along the way. I think I'd be right in saying that those of us that have posted comments thus far are generally lovers of watches, but not experienced in the art of watchmaking, unlike a number of other members (the Boss, @Roy as the most obvious example as a revered watch maker) whilst there are also many that are knowledgeable in all manner of areas of putting together a watch. It's a call for the mods as to the best forum for these posts (personally I hope they stay in this main forum as I feel they will be of interest to all watch enthusiasts irrespective of their level of knowledge or experience with the insides of a watch), but there is also a sub forum dedicated to technical aspects and watch repair, that might be a good place to search through when you find a difficult issue that others may have had to overcome before, or are looking for views on something more technical than "which dial is prettiest". https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/forum/13-technical-questions-general-help/ I'm genuinely excited to see how this develops with your new project and hope that you are happy to share as you go so that we can all experience the UPS, downs and sideways that I should imagine you will face.
  10. That's the brand name. They make jeans too, but the fly on them ain't great.
  11. Oohhh, I quite like that look, I have a mesh in the box I might give that a go.
  12. Did they, did they get famous? (Check the very first replies )
  13. I'm not saying it is right or sensible but the way I look at it I could stick a couple of hundred into a watch saving fund each month and experience a watch or two a year of what is (to my budget) something half decent that I expect to keep forever (or at least a long time until my circumstances and budget grow). ...Or... I could blow a couple of hundred a month on watches, that as they're by and large second hand and will be worn a handful of times before likely being moved on after a couple of months will lose very little value. Selling a bunch of them every 6 months means I still have the same budget to get something a little nicer, but rather than having a few numbers on another line on my banking app gradually increasing each month, I get to experiment and try different little trinkets each month (sometimes several in a month). My collection in 1, 2, 5 or 10 years will end up broadly the same as it would have whichever of those two routes I go, and the bucketful of watches I'll try out in the meanwhile will keep me entertained more along the trip than just watching the numbers in the savings account slowly increase. The other bonus is the odd cheapo along the way that you fall for and decide to keep, I have half a dozen (probably one half decent watches worth) that cost me between £100-200 that I have fallen in love with and will keep long term despite them being purchased as a step along my own (silly) path. It's about enjoying your hobby, we all enjoy different aspects, and I enjoy trying a little bit of everything (and getting to have lots of "new watch days").
  14. I do like that. Not square, but for a long time I did fancy an Oris Frank Sinatra.
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