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  1. I might be without Nomos in the bricey boxes for a while
  2. Maybe, need to get confirmation that all is well on the other side of a deal, but I'm liking my potential end a lot. Came on a fine quality bracelet, but fancied trying something a little lighter. Expect a bit of disgust at my choice of strap, but I like it (so "yar-boo-sucks" to everyone that doesn’t) and in my defence grey, black and white pairs perfectly with my hair.
  3. I'm sure some have seen this/these posts and are doing the maths of potential sale price, less; purchase price, currency fees, flight cost
  4. I do like the look of them and hovered a few times whilst deciding what chrono's I was going to add recently. Good purchase, enjoy buddy.
  5. Well see who's laughing next time you're camping and can't get the bbq to light.
  6. If I've got a handful of random links rattling about the bottom of my box, that I no longer have any clue what they originally came from, is it worth pinging them over in an envelope to see if they can be identified and added to you stock? Obviously not wanting anything in return, their value to me is the same as the lint in my belly button.
  7. You do, although give me another 6 months and I'll do it for you myself! Sincerest form of flattery and all that!
  8. Starting to think I've become your stalker, how many more of your watches do I need to buy to get my username changed to antjrice2?
  9. Apologies. Too Gérald Genta
  10. Trying out the new guy. Have a good one.
  11. TTTT's missus: How did the car go at the service? TTTT: Well it was a little more expensive then anticipated!
  12. And number 3 of 3 arrived this morning (or is that 3 of 4, let's see what tomorrow may bring ), and I have to say it is very pleasing. Certainly to GG to appeal to @yokel, and unlike yesterday's 2 I'm not making any claims about this having been any sort of grail or likely being a forever member of my collection, but it appears extremely well made and despite being quite big (a 41mm square was always likely to be a bit of a lump) its relatively short lug-to-lug and sharply downward curved lugs make it a tidy fit on wrist. The strap and clasp are very good quality, comfortable and secure, and it has a rather nice behind too. Box and packaging is very nice and the overall finish is really very good. For a "punt" this has worked out extremely well!
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