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  1. It is a strange optical illusion of a watch, maybe the 'all face' aspect, combined with quite chunky lugs and a narrow 18mm strap, but it looks and wears much bigger than it should. My wrist is a little over 6.5 inches I double checked the watch diameter But this is how it wears And this is how it looks sat beside the Tudor Glamour which is 39mm And even aside other larger watches (clockwise from top right; FC Classic 40mm, Dreyfuss 1890 Seafarer 40mm, then the 36.6mm Muhle and finally the 39mm Tudor) Its my Muhle Glashutte Tardis watch.
  2. That must be related to these? http://www.digital-watch.com/DWL/1work/casio_f-152 https://picclick.fr/Casio-VINTAGE-COLLECTION1988F-15-MODULE-350-WATCH-RARE-NOS-132783075292.html
  3. Surely he's suffering Dyscalculia, I mean I'd guess he can't read or write either, but my issue was him not being able to count to 3. Need a handkerchief imho too. And a man who can afford Ray Bans and a Rolex should have a better quality pocket knife.
  4. You'll not know how many steps you've made today now! Everyday is a school day, I will never tire of your posts sir. Either you or Bob having a problem with counting.
  5. <Bricey shudders at horrible memories of parents picking his adolescent wardrobe>
  6. All about personal taste, I look at that transparent one and see the beach "jelly shoes" my little sister wore on holiday in the 80's
  7. I bought that horrid cheap Mathey-Tissot from Jomashop, it was under £100 and I received it without being charged any taxes or duty, I presume there is a lower limit and I was under it (or I got lucky or the invoice from HMRC is delayed).
  8. Sometimes you get a watch and you know right away that it is right for you, it fits your tastes and is going to remain a favourite of yours for a long long time. Whilst I'm really pleased with a number of my recent additions, this is absolutely my favourite.
  9. Morning all, lots of early risers today.
  10. There is only one more due in, a Victorinox, but that should have arrived by last Wednesday, and I've not had a reply from the seller to two emails this week asking for confirmation that they have dispatched it, so I'm close to cancelling that one.
  11. Better shots of today's addition and the strap changes
  12. Is this better? If I post to imgur and link its as clear as my phone, but uploading direct to here or into the gallery seems to reduce the photo by eating 60% of the pixels? What am I doing wrong?
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