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  1. Sorry to hear, hope it goes smoothly. The 65 is next on my wish list once I shift my Longines. What diameter is that, they seem to come in 36, 40 or 42.
  2. Not sure what the correct term for my Dads cousin is, but my Dad's cousin Susan was the singer on Toca's Miracle that was number 1 a few years back. I don't know if she likes watches.
  3. You could be insured for £1,000,000 but if they say that the watch was worth (or valued at / or a replacement would cost) £13.84, then you will be getting £13.84 and not a penny more (assuming you don't have an excess). The limits on your policy have zero relevance to the amount you would received for an item (unless the item's value is greater than the individual valauables amount, obviously).
  4. They would probably pull the advert for my Citizen, so you should take that as a good sign.
  5. The true giveaway that its not a genuine Citizen!?
  6. I purchased a "last-minute.com" watch on EBay, ignoring the mantra I have always followed of "if it looks too good to be true..." The vast majority of my watch purchases have been through EBay, mainly used watches, but I have always been careful to check the sellers feedback, their other auctions/listings, but I saw this Citizen Promaster and had a rush of blood as there was only moments until it ended when I happened upon it. It arrived today whilst I was out, and I eagerly opened the package thinking it would be a nice change of pace for a while and if it didn't suit I'd probably t
  7. Upon realising I was wearing all black today, I decided to go full milk tray man and wear my CW A diver with a date complication, might be popular!
  8. The Ingersoll, which I have now confirmed was his father's watch, is still ticking away perfectly and is within a minute after nearly 24 hours, so I'm happy and confident that is going to be OK for now. The Waltham (his uncle's old watch) is losing a full minute every hour that it runs, but also stops on occasion (sometes after an hour, best it lasted was nearly 5 hours) so I feel that one is going to need looking at and servicing by someone smarter than I. I've ordered a crystal and some glue and will run it over to a local friend that tinkers to see if he can revive it as I don't w
  9. During lockdown, where every day is the same and I'm seldom sure whether up is down, having the day and date on my wrist has proved to be more useful than ever before. Is have posted this reply yesterday but I thought it was Thursday.
  10. Seiko and Citizen love a red second hand. But I honestly think this is more likely some long lost often forgotten watchmaker, rather than a rare version from a well known brand. Still no reply to my email.
  11. Incredible technical feat, but beautiful classic styling to boot.
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