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  1. I agree, but I prefer that it has eaten them, rather than just taken a bite and left some crumbs of the 7 and 8.
  2. Desky able bodied criminals, his probably already had it away with the ones I wanted from @JayDeep's invite to theive aswell! In other news, having just noticed your signature, it seems like i missed a hell of a game in Switzerland. Although not a good day for the goalkeepers!
  3. The more times I read the title of this thread the more I find myself thinking, "should every marathon runner have a pair of wellies in their collection of footwear"? They go on the feet but marathons are not what they exist for. And many (most?) Marathon runners will have or have had a pair of wellies, but not because they love marathons and never to replace their running shoes. Same with smartwatches for watch lovers, their may be a need for one (or more), but it would never be lined up with the running shoes as if it is part of the same group to select from, even if they all live together in the same cupboard under the stairs (or watchbox) because there is a logic to store them together.
  4. Once I have two functional hips I hope that your drain pipes are suitably heavy duty to hold a tubby accountant.
  5. What age are your kids? I'm finding that they like toy and novelty watches when young (preteens) then as teens move away and have no interest in watches, and then want a nice watch as they come out of their teens into early adulthood. Won't be the case for all, but I feel that the teen years seem to be no watch or smartwatch, but it might not be a write off as they get older.
  6. It's draped over the chair in the kitchen, and the Moser is sat on the bedside table. Now off you pop for your afternoon stroll, nothing to worry about here
  7. And I for one, think it looks rather smart. I know some will jump on the "Chinese built" bandwagon, but their previous releases have looked excellent and have been very well received, this looks no different, a lovely simple design, and interesting whilst uncluttered dial design, excellent finishing (going from the pictures). A very good write up available here (that I am sure will contain passages we can all smirk at if pulled out and highlighted). https://www.ablogtowatch.com/watch-review-baltic-mr01/ It does look a very similar movement to my recent in and back out Lobinni. Much like the Lobinni, thus is not an expensive watch, under £500 (although duties will push it over that threshold). https://baltic-watches.com/en/collections/mr01? I think it looks a belter, and alongside the Aquascaphe would be a tough pick for a "one watch per brand" collector for me. Thoughts?
  8. Straight to that earlier topic regarding bluff, buster and bollo-wotsits from marketing?
  9. I'm still a little nervous regarding regarding lug-to-lug length on the Nomos, stated as 52.8mm. But the Magrette I'm wearing today is up at 51mm, and yesterday's Ball comes in at 51.8mm, and both are significantly thicker and more chunky than the relatively slim Nomos, so I'm hopeful that my comfort in wearing those two means that the lug length is not going to pose me a problem. But it is going to be close to my limit.
  10. We see "inspired by historic prototypes that never made it to productuon"? This from that hotbed of horology.....Spain! https://www.crepaswatches.com/styled/photos-15/index.html Quite a funky alternative to some of the standard Seiko divers? A review of the watch and the Omega prototype that it draws inspiration from here: http://oceanictime.blogspot.com/2020/05/crepas-watches-megamatic-1200m.html?m=1 Must be broadly acceptable to copy something that was never made or produced?
  11. Magrette for me today. Have a good one.
  12. Selhor for now. Have a good week everyone.
  13. My God its tomorrow already, I'm off to bed.
  14. My wife has way bigger issues to contend with than whether or not my wrist is naked.
  15. Another car speedo "inspired" design (a word I know so many love to see in a watch description). https://www.zeitlounge.com/en/davosa-newton-speedometer-16158725-automatic-mens-watch/a-118354/? A simpler take, maybe, but I quite like it. Not enough to buy one, but it has a little something about it for something a bit different from the standard 3 hander.
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