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  1. Beautiful. Not quite "older than time" but they look close.
  2. Wow, it looks more dainty than that in the picture.
  3. 1977, the year we lost Elvis and Charlie Chaplin, but saw these to beauties (and the slightly less appealing youra truly) make their first appearances.
  4. Glamour, hate the name but love the watch
  5. I'm a plain and simple guy, so I love the classic simplicity of my Carrera
  6. My 1977 Omega Seamaster 1020, pre Bond I believe (although I always feel a little Mr Bond wearing it)
  7. Does your partner share a love of watches, simply tolerate your passion or despair of the time and money your hobby takes up? Do they buy watches or other things for you at Birthdays or Christmas that support your interest in horology? Finally, do they have a much larger collection of watches than they want because you always find space for a watch when buying presents for them?
  8. I like that and I've never had an orange watch.
  9. Some of my purchases have been so bad I should have slung the watch and just enjoyed the box. I'm sometimes like a toddler at Christmas getting more enjoyment from the wrapping paper.
  10. I fine watch, and presumably a fine family, I have to lock my watches in a box and bury it in the garden when half of the bricey clan visit!
  11. A few days on and from a position of "pleasantly intrigued" I'm growing towards "very much like". Not my normal narrow field of likes (it would be fair to call my collection a bit samey) but I do think it is a very attractive watch. I thought Hermes were more of a ladies brand, not sure I'd seen (certainly not noticed) gents watches from them before, but I think they have hot a nice point with this one. An attractive watch, what size is it?
  12. A beautiful watch, and I hope my children remember me fondly wearing my watches after I'm gone (although a couple of them seem like the type to just sling them on EBAY before I'm even cold, so keep a close eye on the obituaries if you fancy a bricey bargain!)
  13. That is very smart. Quick question, do you like Alpha watches?
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