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Bricey's Feedback

  1. Welsh Wizard left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to do business with and a real pleasure to communicate with. He’s very popular within the Forum and I was delighted that he considered me more than a forum member but also as a friend. Never met him but he’s an A+++ guy and I would welcome the opportunity of meeting with him at some stage in the future. Not only does he enjoy his watches but seems to be the perfect professional and family man

    Bricey was The Seller

  2. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches left Positive feedback   

    Colin is a walking advert for the Watch Forum. A delight to deal with.

    Bricey was The Seller

  3. Pete wilding left Positive feedback   

    Very well packaged item landed Monday,perfectly described,an absolute pleasure , wouldn’t hesitate to do business again….Thanks Colin

    Bricey was The Seller

  4. Beesadon left Positive feedback   

    Great watch and a pleasure to deal with

    Bricey was The Seller

  5. Tazmo61 left Positive feedback   

    An absolute pleasure to deal with . Thank you for a super smooth deal .

    Bricey was The Seller

  6. Roy left Positive feedback   

    Excellent transaction, thank you.

    Bricey was The Buyer

  7. Sulie left Positive feedback   

    Top man Colin .. sent me a box perfect for me Thinking of the forum and recycling Cheers matey

    Bricey was The Seller

  8. pauluspaolo left Positive feedback   

    A pleasure to deal with from.start to finish. The watch (Ventus Mori) is only 6 months old & in immaculate condition. Deal with confidence - superb :)

    Bricey was The Seller

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