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  1. Funny thing is, my client is as down to earth as you can imagine. She looks a bit posh and can probably talk the talk when required, but at nearly 70 she'd not have a problem drinking a pint or shy away from an arm wrestle. She does laser skin treatments, and works almost exclusively for members of the Royal family, all at the Queens recommendation. Her sales ledger is quite something. You misunderstand my intent, I'm certainly not suggesting we have a whip round to try and ease the suffering of our Lords and Masters. I've always said, if you are in the hospital with a broken leg, you're still allowed to feel you've had a shitty day when they wheel a fella into the next bed with two broken legs. An it doesn't really matter what colour your blood might be, a broken leg will still pretty much feel the same. I'd rather have servants and no money worries whilst I recover than not, but given the choice I'd still pick not breaking my damn leg!
  2. Given how bound up I am with the pain meds, I keep seeing this pinned thread and thinking "you and me both, pal!"
  3. One would certainly hope so given its passage (see what I did there) to safe harbour. Walken knows!
  4. In all seriousness, I do not think I am breaking any confidentiality to share that: - Despite her recent loss, Her Majesty is quite upbeat and seems to be coping well and in good spirits. - After discussing some tribulations of my own with my errant eldest daughter (18 next month), and my client reminiscing of one of her daughters (now 50 years old) following a similar path in her late teens and early twenties, she shared HRH's concern for the strain the Prince of Wales feels at the current time. We also had an interesting chat about an arrangement regarding the rent my client pays and the work she does for HRH, bit that would see me straying far to close to crossing any professional boundaries I'm pretty on the fence in terms of the monarchy, I can see some benefits and can still often find myself perplexed that certain traditions continue and exist. But it is quite an eye opening experience to be reminded that whatever their position, wealth and standing in the world, they are all, even right at the top looking down on the rest of us, human beings with similar trials, tribulations, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Some very different trials, tribulations, thoughts, feelings and emotions to, no doubt, but we all experience similar things even if in different flavours or contexts.
  5. This makes me feel better. Maybe the customer showed up wearing a Dan Henry and Jay can't post on here until he posts bail there.
  6. Yeah, tell 'em to stick it up their collective bottoms. Joking aside, I'll not be buying one (I cannot clarify that your date alignment issue is the overriding reason for my non-purchase).
  7. I had a client in today who is genuinely a close confident of HRH (which is always a little surreal for me, given I'm an accountant working from a shed in my little back garden). She lives in a property rented from the Sandringham estate, her lease (which I have reviewed with her) is signed by John Major (as he was PM when she took residence). I will never get used to sitting in my garden chatting with someone who can ever so casually name drop with things like "when I was with HR last week we were discussing x, y, z.....". One because I have to remind myself that she doesn't mean a Human Resources department and two because it seems absurd to hear stories about discussions with the f'in Queen like she's a normal person. But I guess at the end of the day, we're not all as different as we assume or are lead to believe.
  8. Good to know he's been on, he's not posted since Wednesday before his meet up. Unless the scoundrel tortured him for his login whilst stealing his watch collection? Yep, I'm still worried.
  9. Another from the same genre would be this, which I have looked at a few times and despite my previous MT experience (which was not good) I am still keen on trying. https://www.thetimebum.com/2021/05/mathey-tissot-mt369-aisa-mechanical-watches-group-exclusive.html https://amwg.myshopify.com/products/pre-order-mathey-tissot-mt369-amwg-exclusive-2nd-edition
  10. I would absolutely love one. If I could sell it for £115,000. Might even take £110k for cash.
  11. It's just needs a chrono function so I can accurately measure how long it was before a smash one of the turrets!
  12. How long before we consider sending out a search party?
  13. Especially true if you leave the Moser at home
  14. Or this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ALPHA-EXPLORER-36MM-BLUE-DIAL-AUTOMATIC-WATCH-UK-SELLER-FREE-DELIVERY-/254990946397?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  15. I've got a box of 6 diver 'beaters' that probably came in close to the budget for the op
  16. Wanted to add a little sunshine to my day.
  17. Jay 'in too' deep? Same movie but maybe more appropriate?
  18. Normally, I'd assume the same, but this....erm....gentleman (read Fen-monster) would need a map, guidebook, clear illustrations in crayons and a team of very patient highly trained IT specialists to turn a laptop around to face him, let alone turn it on.
  19. Not seen any posts from @JayDeep today and I'm starting to worry that the customer with the VC was simply a hunny trap to lure him somewhere and steel his watch collection!
  20. My boys didn't want it, no takers in the giveaway yet. Might replace the bund strap as the booby prize in a future raffle
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