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  1. That's very cool, I do love the four triangle design of dial. Was the movement the one I spotted on ebay?
  2. I think you should all splosh all over that powder, get it nice and wet, and then dive into the classified, ya bunch of lily livered wotsits!
  3. I had to add to my 2018 artwork..... ps. You put this bad boy on a bund and you're getting a lump of coal!
  4. <quietly adds bow back to the Christmas Card List> A cracking looking watch, glad you are happy with it, here's to many happy years and many exciting adventures together.
  5. Thanks, both still available in the classifieds and on EBay, only the Lobinni micro rotor and the Bulova Marine Star have gone thus far, a few low ball offers for the Vandaag/Handbag and the Seagull. Not a sniff of the Eterna, Muhle or Glycine
  6. The kids pet names for me.
  7. They, Strap Habit, are banking on me being cheap enough not to care and leave a review for my freebie. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated how cheap I really am, I'm not buying the first strap! I once bought a toaster that had 000's of reviews, mostly 4 and 5 stars, when I read through the reviews they nearly all mentioned the "app" they had bought and downloaded. I presume that meant the seller had bought the reviews in the literal sense, buying an existing listing with many positive reviews and then editing the product and pictures to pass it off as a long standing and well received item. Not sure Strap Habit are buying reviews as much as offering bribes for reviews.
  8. Sticking with manual wind today with my Larsson and Jennings Norse, containing a Peseux 7001 calibre movement (I was reliably informed by an esteemed member of this forum). Something a little different to my standard fare, and the closest I'll ever get to a apple watch! If it tickles your fancy, there is one on Ebay (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Unisex-Larsson-Jennings-Norse-40mm-Mechanical-Watch-NRS40-CMBLK-C-M-M-BB-O-/133635752141?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0) although sadly it is nearly 5 times what I paid!
  9. If you leave a review for them at Amazon: BOGO SALE! (with a small catch) We need your help with our Amazon store. To get a free strap with purchase, follow these easy steps: 1. Buy any strap from our Amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/straphabit 2. Leave an honest review of the strap you purchased on Amazon (it needs to be a verified purchase). Photos are preferred. 3. Email us at sales@straphabit.com once the review is posted. A screen shot, or name used is fine. Let us know the type of free strap that you'd like as well! That's it! Thanks StrapHabit friends!
  10. Still very much liking the look of that buddy. For this morning I'm timing my movements with a stealthy French chrono that is pretending not to be a chrono. Have a lovely day.
  11. The first thing to know is its bigger than a side plate, the second thing to know is that it's not quite as big as a dinner plate, the third thing you need to know is how wide the doorways are in your house. The only other ppint to note is that @JayDeep only gets away with that choice of strap because his choice of socks draws the attention away from it.
  12. I love that Milus, @Karrusel is a lucky owner of one and it brightens any WRUW thread it graves imo. @JayDeep should quite trying to love a Cartier that he doesn't really want and get one of those beauties.
  13. I had a non-chroni version and was really disappointed with it. The strap was worthy of a watch purchased for £25 from a market stall which for a watch with a four figure rrp seemed very poor. It was also quite light, which whilst not an indication of quality in and of itself, when combined with the plasticky feeling leather strap just made it feel incredibly cheap on the wrist. My story is a sample size of one, so they may have some stonking watches, but my time walker was not something to inspire joy. This was mine The crown was cool with the star, and I quite liked the lugs that were looped so that you could see through them from the sides. Overall it looked like a £2k watch, but sadly felt like a bargain bucket offering from AliExpress.
  14. Good luck at the physio, hoping I get a date for my op today (finally!). Glad to see the Citizen is still happy and worn. I'm sure I'm not the only one on here that gets a genuinely warm glow when seeing a former watch of mine proudly on the wrist of a fellow forum member, and I know that each time I pop on my Magrette or Wolbrook my first thought is to @it'salivejim as their former keeper.
  15. Whilst I can see the hypocrisy in my reasoning as to what constitutes good or bad / right or wrong in terms of the reasoning behind a person's desire for a watch, the line I'm trying (probably poorly) is the difference between: A) Wanting a watch because you like it (whether the reason for that is the design appeals to you, or someone famous once wore it) And B) Wanting a watch you don't really like, purely because either the marketing or the esteem it is held in by others makes it "desirable". It feels to me in this thread, and I have been known to be spectacularly wrong at times, that @JayDeep doesn't really like the Cartier but somehow feels that he should have, or at least experience, one being in his collection. For me that reasoning is only ever likely to end with a watch he doesn't really want sat taking up a cushion in a box until he decides how he wants to get rid of it. (Editor's comments: I might start to like them a lot more if he does the above and then decides the "way to get rid of it" is via a raffle on here!)
  16. Another posters SOTC thread I'd love to see, always notice that there seldom seems to be repeat appearances and would hate to try and hazard a guess at the size of your collection.
  17. For all the negative attention the brand attracts for their business practices, and indeed the odd vitriol often aimed towards Mercedes hands, that is a watch that deserves regular air time and appearances. Please don't hide its light under a bushel (or shirt sleeve, or watch safe!). It is a stonking corker (technical term). I'm sure it is heretic to say, but I prefer that to the Cartier's getting so much debate time on here recently. I'm not comparing them pound to penny, I appreciate the difference in price and assume a likely difference in quality, but purely on personal stylistic appeal, the softer edges and more organic shape of the Hamilton hits closer to the bullseye for me personally. Nice, didn't realise they were a sandwich dial. I must say, whilst I still eagerly await a SOTC post from @antjrice, I would be really interested in one from you, it feels like most days in the WRUW thread it will be one of yours that I find myself stopping the scroll to take a closer look.
  18. Vulcan on a school run. Live long and prosper.
  19. This, very much this. Has anyone on here ever bought a watch thinking "I'm not keen on this, but loads of people love them so I need to see what it's all about and maybe I'll love it too when I have it" and then not ended up just moving it on because it turns out that your taste is your taste and no amount of 'other people love it' will change that?
  20. Barton do a nice rubber strap, had a couple of those. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07B5M91V7/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_WGF5MCSKAX88MS24X43E?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  21. One of the only watches I have ever bought with the intention to just sell it straight away with profit and £££'s in my eyes. I love an Omega, but stumbled across one in a pawn shop window on holiday in Scarborough of all places, couldn't afford it by some distance at the time, but instantly recognised it was stupidly under priced, so stuck it on a credit card whilst the wife scowled at me for spending next months mortgage repayment on the agreement that it would go straight on to eBay and would be sold within 7 days (the sale would repay the credit card, and any profit was 'mine' for my watch fund). It cost me £500 and after fees and insured postage I think I cleared around £850 for the sale. The profit allowed me to buy this for around £330: I still have (and expect I'll own until it passes down to one of my kids after I finally shuffle off this mortal coil) the 1020 Seamaster from 1977, although I figure it is worth at least 3 times what I paid for it after my opportunistic moves back in the early/mid 2000's.
  22. Surely this is the point. Don't get me wrong, I know that Cartier are incredibly highly regarded, and (on nothing but the trusted opinions of the majority) I am sure they are incredible quality watches, but.... You buy what you like, not what you believe others like. But then I guess the acclaim of others is still a reason why someone would want to own a thing, it just doesn't seem as pure and natural a reason to me. They way I would view this? If Rotary, Citizen or Seiko had a very close approximation of each of these watches, so you knew that the quality was acceptable but were buying purely for their visual appeal to you and not their reputation, fame, cost or WRUW thread point scoring abilities and e-pats on the back, would you even consider the Tank? Would you consider this: Or this: Or even this: If the answer to those three is a "hard pass" then surely the purchase of the Cartier would be not because you like the look or style, but because you like that others do.....and the likely outcome is limited wrist time and eventual departure from your collection after a period of slow realisation that actually, "no, it isn't for me". Good luck. PS. You know all this already.
  23. My Doof May you all have a Monday morning that brings nothing but jelly and ice cream.
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