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  1. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Wowbagger. 45 years is a fantastic testament to you both. Any plans for the day? Maybe afternoon tea at a guest house in Torquay followed by a bike ride?
  2. There is actually loads of watches that I just don't wear, as an example, I don't wear this: Or this I don't even wear this I could literally go on and on...
  3. A pocket watch rather than a wrist watch, and the daft thing is losing almost 20 minutes a day, but it is so pretty I have left it sat on my desk with the back on show (well the face is pointless due to its lack of timekeeping), but that regular tick and swing (well obviously not regular enough) is very relaxing.
  4. Think you are right having done further reading (including on this site). I had taken the reference off of the movement and found a guide dating it as that, but I don't think it is right. Looking smart now the chain has arrived...
  5. All of these are on my "interested but not yet owned" list (Eterna coming off of that list on Monday!). For me, Ball and Fortis are closest to the top of the remaining names on the list. Unimatic and MeisterSinger are probably closest to the bottom. Maybe find your favourite looking watch from each brand, and then sit them side by side (in a virtual / picture sense) and then see if one is pulling your eye more than the others. Or double down on the bitcoin until you have enough for one of each!
  6. I don't have the watch volume to be changing throughout the day, but I can switch a strap. Is a Nato on a Carrera a No-No? Because I quite like it.
  7. Can you get a more basic clockwork, of similar size, to do as a project with a child, seeing how a watch or clock would fit together, how it works, etc? I think it would be a great educational toy, both as an adult understanding how everything works, but also as a curiousity and learning toy for a child. Like a giant lego/meccano clockwork.
  8. On the one hand, I have a long running hip problem following an accident 5-6 years ago, that might actually benefit from using a hot tub. Recently discovered one of the pins has snapped (in me, not my watch, thankfully) and getting uncomfortable most days: However, despite all of this, the thought of sitting in a bath in view of my neighbours, or worse, suggesting a shared bath with friends and family when they visit, just does not appeal. Maybe I'll get a hydro bath in the main bathroom one day, but I personally don't see the point of putting on trunks to take a bat
  9. A compressor, like a double O ring, is just a functional gimmick, difficult to say could not be achieved a different way. I guess that the main difference is a Compressor will have a certain look to it (not like you can see a double O from 6 feet away), ie. the 'gimmick' is on the outside or visible from the outside. I didn't buy that Compressor Diver to do any diving, I didn't wear it to go swimming or even in the bath, but it was designed as an attempt to do 'one thing' and in doing so became something that I liked the look of. I might be wrong, but I don't think that anyone h
  10. I meant "Elegant" AND "Sophisticated. Or buy both and sell a kidney.
  11. Trusty Tag to take it home to the weekend....
  12. This IWC would leave you £1500 for a "beater"
  13. I don't want to sound like Mrs Bricey, but aren't you just a little premature?
  14. What about a necklace. Negative - it's not a wrist watch Positive - you can wear it at the same time as a wristwatch (or wristwatches if your one of those two watch perverts!) https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/products/nomos-glashutte-sundial
  15. I've got a Spurs watch given to me for my 30th that I absolutely will not wear until Jose finds new employment.
  16. My hairs turning silver and my middle went soft some time back.
  17. Nothing wrong with swinging, ask anyone in my village! (For the record, the bricey household does NOT partake in such activities, I think we're the only house left within a 5 mile radius without a hot tub!)
  18. Apologies, only been here a week, and only noticed and started to use the search function yesterday Raymond Weil and Maurice Lacroix do a lovely box, I had a freelancer and a Pontus and when I let them go I was almost as sad to see the boxes go as I was the actual watches.
  19. I like that, and whilst I'm no expert, I think you are far more likely to be able to quickly get most or all (or of things continue as they are, more) of your money back quickly if you needed or wanted to with that one. The number of people that would go for that has got to be astronomically high with this than your first choice. But as has been said, first decide how important it is that you could turn the watch back in to cash, and then decide which watch YOU like, you should be wearing it to be yourself and because its the watch that you like, not the one that most OTHER peop
  20. It really felt like a wide expanse of glass, without the watch feeling, looking or wearing like an oversized lump.
  21. Found the same watch, £150 more than the pawn shop and a full £270 more than the other one on the bracelet. Going for the new on the bracelet and then going to have a hunt for a nice brown leather strap to try. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eterna-1948-Legacy-date-mens-watch-/114736725027?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  22. No one that tried to turn me into a g shocker going to suggest a massive lump of brightly coloured plastic?
  23. No explanation required, you've got it, it compresses as the pressure build, so the seals get tighter as you go deeper. The second crown is for turning the bezel which is inside the glass rather than external. This was mine, a lovely watch that benefits from the glass appearing bigger as the bezel sits underneath. Was a lovely watch for the money
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