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  1. Dear Biker Thank you for replying. We did take the watch to Timpson's, who changed the battery to no effect. They advised us not to send it off for repair as the manufacturer was unknown. Really the casket and dial are appreciated more than any interior 'action' -- so if repair is not possible it would be sufficent to replace the later while retaining the former, if possible. Could that be done somehow? Piger.
  2. Dear All I am posting on behalf of a friend concerning a quartz 'dress' watch of considerable sentimental value, purchased some years ago, which no longer 'goes'. Here are some pictures: The feline image on the casket is "The Witching Hour" licensed from artist Lisa Parker, who being contacted has stated that the franchising manufacturer is no longer in business. My question to the forum, then, is whether advice might be provided as to how to repair this item, if that were possible? Many thanks in advance and best regards, Piger.
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