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  1. Thanks again @Always"watching". Like your nickname too. Very clever.
  2. Hello @Always"watching" and @nevenbekriev. Thanks for you input. It is a fusee movement and works beautifully. Would there be any markings on the actual fusee anywhere that I could look for that might be of any value. Slightly separate to me original question, when I acquired the clock, the movement did not work. When I looked, the chain had been disconnected. I researched and then followed guidance to clean it (very carefully) and oiling (again very carefully and using a tiny amount of oil) and managed to follow advise again to get that tint chain back on and line it up. That was a long time
  3. Ha ha. MASH. It sounds so obvious really, although my surname is Murphy, so my predecessors had the market in potato growing. I think the school was in Waltham Forest from memory. I will take a closer look at the movement to see if there are any more clues. Thanks again.
  4. Hello again. Thanks for trying to help me with this. It's not essential I know but having had this clock ticking away in my home for 20 yrs or so, I looked at it one day with curiosity. if it remains a mystery, thats fine. I can simply make up some exotic journey the clock made in my head. I have managed to take it down and photograph what looks like the school name and signiture on the back, although I can't quite make it out myself. The date of installation looks like 28/11/1937. It was a school headmasters clock. Signature looks like JC. I also found a little no imprinted into t
  5. Hi. Here is a photo of the clock face, showing the markings.
  6. Hi. I've had an old mahogany wall clock for years. It used to be a headmasters clock in a victorian school. Would anyone know what the markings MASH mean. The face also states ILFORD. Presumerably this must be the clockmaker but I've never been able to find out. Thank you.
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