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  1. Me again , where /how do I purchase the right lenz/glass for my Seiko 5 7009-3040F and where? I have seen a few you tube video's on the repair, but is it really that easy? Buy a press and back remover and press it in? Thanks
  2. OK thanks, I guess what I should have asked was "Could it fit in the day date slot?" that must be where it is. Ok so if I open it up remove the stem , how easy is it to get a replacement glass , if its not plastic and how hard to press it in? Lots of questions from a newbee thanks
  3. Help, pulling my hair out wondering. I have a 1980's Seiko 5 and have worn it for a few years, suddenly the Logo above the 5 has literally disappeared. Where ?????????????????????? I have looked and looked with various magnifying glasses and it is not under the glass or on the dial anywhere? Only thing I could think of is did it somehow slip into the day date area? But it keeps time and day/date perfectly? You can see the 2 mounting dots on the face but that's all. Its a 7009-3040E if that helps. Is it expensive to replace as its an heirloom , also how much would a new "glass replacement " cost . I am a newbee so be gentle
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