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  1. Hi all, Apologies it's been a while. We've been working on a load of updates in the background, including new Apollo straps and hardware, the latter of which will launch later this year. If you're a fan of Pastel colours, we might just have the perfect strap for you. This weekend marked the limited launch of our Apollo Pastels range, which includes three bold colours in Aqua, Seafoam and Candy. Head over to the website for more details and feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Some technical specs are below: https://lunarwatchstraps.com/collections/apollo-pastels Specifications: Lug Width: 20mm ONLY Length: One Size - 255mm max (adjustable at the buckle) Thickness: 1.4mm Material: Apollo Nylon Hardware: 316L Stainless Steel (brushed) with Lunar 'L' engraved buckle Pin Holes: 8 Ultrasonically cut and sealed
  2. Hi @PaulBoy, Awesome watch! - i was pretty sure i had a customer with this combination already, have just been searching through my photo archive but sadly i cannot find it! It's a dark green, very similar to "forest green" on most Pantone charts. I can forward you a higher resolution image in different lighting if it helps? The only issue, i think your Orient Mako has 20mm lugs? Unfortunately, i'm all out of 20mm in this colour with a fairly long wait on the incoming replacements. If i'm wrong and it has 22mm lugs, then i have plenty in that size. Hope this helps? Have a great weekend. Best regards, Jamie Lunar Watch Straps
  3. Hi all, Hope you're keeping safe and well. Just a quick post to say our special edition Apollo straps have now launched! The straps were created to celebrate our first year in business and use a unique double grey nylon weave (this colour will never be made again - it was purposely created for this special edition strap) with a contrasting silver stripe. All straps have the Lunar 'L' engraved on the buckle and are engraved with serial numbers 1-50 on the reverse of the buckle. More details can be found here: https://lunarwatchstraps.com/collections/lunar-apollo/products/apollo-edition-21-limited-numbered-1-50 Thanks for looking. Best regards, Jamie Lunar Watch Straps
  4. Looking for a vintage Suede strap to change up the look of your watch? We have just launched our Seneca Suede Leather range, featuring 3 different suede colours as an introduction to the new collection. The straps are on the thicker side and sit very snugly to the watch lugs, but also very comfortable once the leather is broken in (1 day of wear max). Full details can be found here: https://lunarwatchstraps.com/collections/seneca-suede-leather Any questions, as always, please feel free to reach out! Best regards, Jamie Lunar Watch straps
  5. Hi @PaulBoy - apologies for the delay (i didn't see this notification until now). That's correct - if there's any automatic discount available that offers you more than the discount code the discount with the greater saving will be applied automatically. Hope this helps. Best regards, Jamie Lunar Watch Straps
  6. Hi all, I'll be using this thread to post to members when we have sale/savings events. Right now you can save 15% across our entire product range with no code on our site. This is the biggest discount on offer outside of usual sale events (BF/CM) so grab one of our straps at a reduced rate. There's a 100% money back guarantee across all products and 60 day returns! Here's our 2-10 week roadmap for projects currently in-flight, including: 1. A limited edition (signed and numbered) Apollo Strap to celebrate our 1st year in business 2. A full re-stock of the French leathers 3. A new Suede leather product launch 4. A re introduction of "luxe" - our premium-affordable NATO strap, with some huge improvements - set to be the best quality NATO available on the market at the price-point! Give us a follow on Instagram for more content (@lunarwatchstraps) and find all products at www.lunarwatchstraps.com Feel free to reach out if you just want to chat - these are difficult times for many and i know having the watch community has really helped me throughout the last year and i'm always looking to give back, even if that's just a quick chat to help anyone struggling. All the best & stay safe. Jamie Lunar Watch Straps
  7. Thanks Paul! - All straps come in these fabric storage pouches - it's a small incentive and helps to reduce our plastic waste too. Thanks again for the review and your support Jamie Lunar Watch Straps
  8. Thanks Roy - appreciate the support and feedback! All the best. Jamie Lunar Watch Straps
  9. Hi Watch Fam, Since the launch of Apollo last year, the "Blue Bay" strap has become my best ever selling product. My goal when launching Lunar Watch Straps was to create a Fabric strap similar in quality to the OEM, but at a more accessible price. Whilst i do not have access to the manufacturing processes and techniques of a huge Swiss watch maker, i have managed to create something that really isn't miles apart from competing with the originals. Don't take my word for it - see the 5 star reviews on the website, eBay & Etsy. Below are the specifications for the strap: - Base Nylon weave fabric at 1.4mm thick, super soft and exclusive to Lunar Watch Straps. - 8 Ultrasonically cut pin holes - more expensive manufacturing technique, but helps to prevent the fabric fraying. - 255mm in length, fully adjustable at the buckle - designed to fit as a "Fabric" strap (no long tuck like a traditional NATO). Interchangeable buckle, with the "Shield" buckle being available on our website if you want the true OEM look. - 316L Stainless Steel hardware - buckle and keepers (angular keeper design). - 7 colour options with more on the way! I offer a 100% money back guarantee across all products - so you can purchase with ease knowing if you're not 100% happy i will exchange or refund your strap no questions asked (note, i will ask if you have any feedback so i can improve customer experience in the future, but of course, you are not obliged to provide this). All Apollo straps come in a fabric storage pouch. We also currently provide a polishing cloth free of charge (limited time only). Below is a link to a hands on introduction i did for this particular strap on Youtube just a few days ago. You can also find more content on our Instagram or TikTok channels (@lunarwatchstraps) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLCDIbL9UM4 If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Jamie - Lunar Watch Straps
  10. Thanks for your question! There’s currently 7 colour options for Apollo and another planned to launch in the next 3-6 weeks which will be a limited edition strap to celebrate our first year in business. After that there are no other colours planned until later in the year. Hope this helps! Thank you! I feel your pain - I have watches with smaller lug sizes too. Whilst I am planning more size options in the future, I’ll be honest with you for now there’s no plan to get to 18mm yet. Unfortunately, the order quantities I need to work with suppliers are high which means a smaller focus on the wider lug sizes for now (appreciate that doesn’t help - but I’d rather be honest). More sizes and hopefully hardware choices will be looked at later this year. Thanks again for the feedback - it’s always useful and welcomed.
  11. Hello all, First and foremost i would like to thank thewatchforum for agreeing to work with us and allowing us to post here! Thank you. This is my first post here and i wanted to start with a brief introduction. I'm Jamie, the founder of Lunar Watch Straps. I'm a UK based small business and a fellow watch enthusiast. The business is run solely by myself, from sourcing products/materials, advertising, communication, sales and aftercare. I try to focus on getting the small things right, with good products and customer service to boot. I'm a fellow Watch enthusiast and whilst Lunar Straps is a business my number 1 priority is not reinventing the wheel, but getting things right first time with products and services offered to you. I don't sell any straps i wouldn't mount to my own watches and that is my main priority when sourcing new products. My customer retention rate is really high, and returns/defect figures very low - feel free to checkout some of my reviews on the website, Instagram (@lunarwatchstraps) & eBay/Etsy. Why i started out? I started out this time last year (officially) but long before that doing market research and discovery into Watch Straps. I was forever looking for an alternative strap for my Tudor Black Bay with the OEM fabric strap being awesome, but simply far too expensive to justify buying another one. So i sat out on a journey to create a good quality Fabric strap (not necessarily a NATO, as i prefer how a "Fabric" strap sits on the wrist without the additional fabric to tuck) with all of the key features of the OEM like adjustability, quality material and hardware. This resulted in the successful launch of our Apollo straps (i will do a full post on Apollo a little later on) as well as some other Leather & Perlon options. I don't have a huge variety, as i'm still growing, but i will introduce more straps and lines as we continue through this journey. Some of the reasons customers have trusted me and returned after initial purchases: - I'm the only person who deals with your order. I love to chat with potential customers and other watch enthusiasts, so i will always go the extra mile to establish a communications channel before, during and after the order process. I quality control all orders before shipping and offer a 100% money back guarantee, so if you're not happy with a purchase you can return it to me for an exchange or full refund - no questions asked! - Straps come packaged in a material travel pouch at no extra cost. Whilst i'm committed to sustainable packaging, i also want to give customers something extra when purchasing and the travel pouches give you another option when changing between straps and travelling. - All orders are shipped Royal Mail 1st class in the UK for FREE (1-3 Working Days). We will always have a FREE shipping option for UK customers. - All orders are shipped from here in the UK. No orders are ever drop-shipped! - I take into consideration all feedback - good and bad to ensure i'm bringing you the best quality products at fair and honest pricing. As i mentioned above, i'm not trying to recreate the wheel so to speak - but i do try to do things right. That means good products and service every time or your money back! - I have an open door policy. If you have any questions, concerns or anything else i'm always happy to listen. Most emails/social media messages etc are replied to within 1 hour and always on the same day (within 24 hours max). I will be posting content whenever i can, but not for the sake of it. Of course this is a business and a sales pitch, but i'm also a fellow watch lover and i'm more than happy to have a conversation with anyone about watches - it's my passion after all. I'm also happy to recommend other suppliers if/where I cannot provide a suitable option (appreciate our offering is still growing). Feel free to reach out on here if you have any questions. I also have a growing following over on Instagram (@lunarwatchstraps) and of course, feel free to use code TWF10 for 10% off all year round on any purchases. Stay safe & well. Jamie Lunar Watch Straps
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