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  1. Doh And the dumbest question of the year award goes to...............MEEEEEEEE Sorry folks. I watch a few youtube how to vids and all said the access the movement from the front of the case. Mine is accessed through the back after removing eight screws. Battery is out now and a new one ordered. Thank you, and sorry for being so dumb
  2. Good evening all, Amongst other watches I have an Ebel 1911 Quartz with a screw down crown. The battery died a couple of weeks ago so I need to change the battery. I know the movement and battery is accessed through the front of the watch, which is no problem. What I need help with is removing the crown/winding stem. I have unscrewing the crown/winding stem and tried gently levering it out but it doesn't budge. Am I not applying enough leverage or is there a particular knack with the Ebel screwed down winding stem?? Thank you in advance :-)
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