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  1. Hi all 

    first post from me as I’ve been trying to get some answers from local repairers and the manufacturer

    I’ve inherited a watch from my late father. It’s a beautiful watch and is presented well with supporting documentation

    There are some parts missing. I’ve sent some photos to a local repairer who said –“ I have to say from the image, at least one case pusher appears to be missing (but perhaps they are set detents & still present? (THEY ARE NOT) – casing parts tend to be unique to a manufacturer & I’ve not seen this make before & doubt parts would be available.”

    I then contacted the manufacturer but they have sadly closed 

    Anyone have any tips on really good repair / restore places 

    Watch was bought in 1991 from Gobbi1842 in Milan (now closed) for 5m LIRA 

    It’s a GOBBI1842 Orologio Cronografica fasi luna 


    appreciate any assistance 

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