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  1. The Olympics has just kicked off and I have been looking for what special watches will be shown throughout this season. I found out that Omega is the official time-keeper of this years Olympics and am curious to see if there will be another special addition. I am excited to see what they will be handing out to the athletes. While searching for what they might look like a saw some great watchs on this channel , defintely some good information and a cool collection of watches. I can't figure out which Omega I would like to see on these athletes this year but definitely would love to see a speedmaster. What would you like to see if they release a special addition Omega?
  2. Hello Everyone, Be Gentle as this is an early post of mine but I need your help! I just do not think of any Rolex being stealthy wealth on my wrist but some say they can be. In my opinion they are just to crisp of watches and peoples eyes fly towards that Rolex crown, or two-tone bracelet, or even diamonds. I was thinking straight off the bat that the Explorer 214270 would be the stealthiest one out there but I am not sure the market agrees. Ill be continusly checking out the content that I can on this subject to finally get a definitive answer, but for now its a NO. Change my mind please so I can find an everyday Rolex to wear! Out of the watches this guy chose which one would you consider to be stealthy because I just do not see it. If I am wearing a Rolex it will most definetly be shining on my wrist towards others eyes, which is not ideal for my everyday watch. I just do not see it, but I WANT TO! Let me know your opinions please and thank you!
  3. Alright.. I have not purchased this but I just saw this on a review and its insane! Rolex Daytona 116506 absolutely blows my mind. It is so beautiful but I am not sure about that price point for me... 138k + is a little steep for me for just one watch. Whatre your thoughts on this one, let me know. Would you buy this?
  4. I think overall the line-up that they dropped was exciting but just not what I was personally looking for. My favorite would be the new Submariner, I think I am going to try and get my hands on one of those. I do not usually shed my money out for Rolex watches but I have been getting into them more. I have always been shy of Rolex history and have been trying to learn more about them, there is a lot... "However, this level of notoriety means that there can often be a lot of myths and general misinformation about this iconic company". This was a very interesting article, I did not know about those myths surrounding Rolex as a whole. What is your favorite watch from the drop?
  5. I think overall the watch market can be very profitable, especially when you find them at the right price. Do not get me wrong, I think the majority of the market is not a great investment but you can certainly find a lot of great watches. I think most of my interest or passion behind the watch market is with the vintage market. I love all vintage watches, like love, I am obsessed. I was reading through a vintage Rolex article and found a lot of great info that really made me realise why I think Rolex vintage watches are the best investement. "Yet, at the other end of the spectrum, the pre-owned and vintage watch market is thriving with strong sales and record-breaking auction results". I just have to agree with this article, after seeing what some of these vintage watches can go for. It actually kind of blows my mind what some of these watches have gone for. Good luck on your investment journey and I reccomend you take a look at the vintage market!
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