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  1. Just wanted to add this new Lunar pilot on bracelet for $387. Best price I've seen yet on the bracelet. (I Don't have any affiliation to this seller) https://www.ebay.com/itm/284267965018?epid=4031283416&hash=item422fb0ea5a:g:3DoAAOSwy7pgW7Ng
  2. Get in line for one of these ;-) https://helmwatches.com/komodo.html
  3. There are pros and cons. If you know you like larger watches or certain types, you'll be better off setting the subscription money aside and cruising ebay. You'll find stuff like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Orient-Vintage-Diver-Automatic-Mechanical-Watch-30mt-Waterproof-Super-Luminous/154053743378?hash=item23de519312:g:VdYAAOSwoZBf2dqx for less than the bottom tier watch gang sub and there are a good number of NOS watches you don't see everyday. If you want a surprise like the watch gang sub, pick two and have someone else hit the buy button on one! One word of advice, if you're just starting a collection, resist the urge to buy too many inexpensive watches in a short time. NOTHING in the inexpensive world will be completely gone 6 months later. Either way, Have fun!
  4. I don't see it happening. There are just too many out there and people seem to take better care of their watches than they used as well as having multiple watches resulting in a larger volume of good/great condition watches.
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