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  1. Thank you very much, Karrusel! I will bookmark Mikrolisk as a future resource and try to learn more about my first project. Dave
  2. Thanks, Pete. I just posted my question requesting information about the Priora brand. It's not a big deal, but IT has taught me that it's my own loss if I don't ask. Honestly, my wife doesn't even like the watch. I told her it was a $19 learning experience if I couldn't put it back together. I'll do it several more times before trying others, but I know I'll need to find reference materials sooner or later. Stay safe
  3. Hello, I am VERY new to watch repair and to put that in perspective, I took apart my first movement last night. I have made very little investment in tools and supplies because I wasn't sure if I could deal with handling the tiny parts and actually put them back together. It took me three hours, but I did successfully disassemble and reassemble a $19 Priora pocket watch. Before moving on, I would like to continue by fixing up this watch as if it belonged to someone else. The immediate problem is that I cannot find ANY information about the Priora brand, company, or even model number
  4. Greetings all, As the name implies, I've been in IT for a very long time. I also like to keep my hands busy and I continue to look for, ahem, age appropriate hobbies as I approach retirement. I have worked on many mechanical, electronic, and electro-mechanical devices over the years. Outside of computers, it's mostly been cars, but also pinball machines, motorcycles, antique desk fans, and now - watches. I have done some reading and watched many instructional videos, so I ordered an inexpensive pocket watch from Ebay. Last night, I took apart my first timepiece and managed to get it back
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