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  1. Thank you very much, Karrusel! I will bookmark Mikrolisk as a future resource and try to learn more about my first project. Dave
  2. Thanks, Pete. I just posted my question requesting information about the Priora brand. It's not a big deal, but IT has taught me that it's my own loss if I don't ask. Honestly, my wife doesn't even like the watch. I told her it was a $19 learning experience if I couldn't put it back together. I'll do it several more times before trying others, but I know I'll need to find reference materials sooner or later. Stay safe
  3. Hello, I am VERY new to watch repair and to put that in perspective, I took apart my first movement last night. I have made very little investment in tools and supplies because I wasn't sure if I could deal with handling the tiny parts and actually put them back together. It took me three hours, but I did successfully disassemble and reassemble a $19 Priora pocket watch. Before moving on, I would like to continue by fixing up this watch as if it belonged to someone else. The immediate problem is that I cannot find ANY information about the Priora brand, company, or even model numbers. It says Priora on the dial and on the main bridge and that it's Swiss, but nothing else. My question for the group is if anyone has information about this company or a cross reference to something I could use to learn more about it. Thank you, Dave
  4. Greetings all, As the name implies, I've been in IT for a very long time. I also like to keep my hands busy and I continue to look for, ahem, age appropriate hobbies as I approach retirement. I have worked on many mechanical, electronic, and electro-mechanical devices over the years. Outside of computers, it's mostly been cars, but also pinball machines, motorcycles, antique desk fans, and now - watches. I have done some reading and watched many instructional videos, so I ordered an inexpensive pocket watch from Ebay. Last night, I took apart my first timepiece and managed to get it back together in better condition than it was. From not running at all, to running 20 minutes solid. Considering that I did a number of things that would have me condemned by the purists, I enjoyed the experience and will continue to pursue this intricate world as a hobbyist. As might be expected, I joined to ask a question. Most importantly, respect and kudos to the skilled craftsmen and women who work with these precision machines.
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