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  1. Hello everyone I hope you are all well,my names steve and I want to start from the beginning repairing clocks the mechanisms fascinate me I liked them as a kid but never dreamed of going inside one,there was no internet then and advice was non existent lol, I have just ordered a set of spring clamps and some legs to support the mechanism while I’m looking at the clock,before I start spending money on products nievely,to start my journey,I would rather listen to advice and tips from the very beginning,other than the 2 parts of the toolkit I’ve stated I’ve bought nothing more and any advice on sensibly building a startup tool kit would be much appreciated,I have been watching videos on YouTube,watching various,repair videos,how to repair a broken tooth and starting to learn the fundamental workings,is there a clock that would be best to start out with for repair that’s a good building block,is my approach to achieving this right,am I being nieve these are questions I’m asking myself at this moment in time,thanks for reading guys and girls,and any advice on tools,getting started,dos and donts,anything at all will be gratefully recieved,and hopefully get off to a sensible start with some structure, kind reguards steve
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