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  1. So I've had a proper read and I fascinating. Thanks so much. http://imgur.com/a/Wqy34O4 Started! So excited!
  2. Thanks so much! You are all right, the value doesn't matter. I'm spending around 500 dollars getting it as close to perfect as I can although the restorer refuses to touch the watch face and he says it looks good this way anyway. Will post images when it's done. Thanks again fam, I really appreciate it.
  3. My dad's watch. Sadly he passed away in 2017. He's had this watch for a very long time. Any advice on how old it might be? Currently being serviced, re gold plated and polished. The specialist told me it's all original. I'd never sell it but what do we think its worth and how old? Many thanks! E https://imgur.com/a/9bmQJCQ
  4. Morning team Came across this site while looking for some advice on a Roamer Popular that my dad used to own. It's pretty old. Anyway more importantly, looks like there is lots of advice and experts here and I love forums like this! More on the Roamer later. Eva
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