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  1. Genuinely haven't ever been on here before I was looking for some advice on how to get my foot in the door as you said and it seems like u managed ok opening your own shop so there's still hope for me even though it's been 15 years for you it's my time now. And also the benidorm part was a massive joke I lived there for 6 years it was just banter
  2. Yea honestly I love gucci I bought loads from benidorm last year lol but seriously I appreciate your comments I think I'm gonna trying that say 50 pounds max for each 1 and if I lose it all then its a learning curve
  3. What's gucci lmao exciting times ahead
  4. Really appreciate your kind words and I'm sure I will find more lemons than peaches lol but I absolutely love everything about watches and I hope 1 day to own a richard mille but hey we can all dream lol
  5. I totally understand sorry for the inconvenience I appreciate your honesty thanks guys
  6. It seems like Im in the wrong place I was told by a friend to join a forum and ask for guidance as I'm brand new to all of this so I apologise if I may have upset anyone and I will be leaving the forum and looking for the correct ones also I appreciate your comments
  7. Well I wasn't expecting any of these replies sounds like every one on here is just having a bit of fun with nothing else to do well thanks for your feedback
  8. I'm looking to start buying and selling watches, and I have a budget of £300. What type of watch should I be looking at buying in order to make a profit to start thing's off? Any help is much appreciated
  9. Hi my name is Deri I'm from South Wales and I'm 35 years old with 3 beautiful children all girls and I'm trying to make life easier for them when they grow up by being able to support them financially. I've never had the help off my family and I really want to be able to do that for them. I'm hoping that learning about watches and buying and selling them will get me there one day.
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