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  1. Thanks for the email, I lost a 1976 (ish) Geneve Omega and they are insisting I replace it with something new. I would prefer something old and therefore am just looking to turn the vouchers into cash so I have greater choice. I have other newish watches and just want a more balanced collection.
  2. Bit of an odd one. I am having to replace my lost watch via either Ernest Jones or Fraser hart up to £2870 in value with vouchers from my insurers. I don’t want a new watch and will look to sell it immediately as new on eBay. my question is which might achieve the most money being ‘second hand’ ; I am considering an Omega de Villa co axial, a Tag aquaracer calibre 5 or Brietling Superocean Endurance but really don’t mind what it is. any comments would be welcome
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