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  1. Hi Breitling Lovers I am purchasing an Emergency 2 watch, does anyone have positive or negative experience of this Tool. I will not be wearing it to the pub Lol, it is being purchased to accompany me on expedition. Any comments would be appreciated, has anyone been rescued using this or the earlier emergency model ? Regards DRW
  2. Hi Jot There were a few Red Flags, the AD was selling this new and unworn watch for £8056 I have looked on the grey market and even pre owned watches are dearer than that ?? You know the saying, If its too good to be true it probably is Lol Thank you for your help it is appreciated. Regards David Sorry Jot Another question, can I upload pictures onto this thread ? David
  3. Hello Can anyone answer this question, I have been looking at a new Emergency 2 in a UK AD they have sent pics but in some the black face looks grey, I have spoken to Breitling and they say that at some angles the face is grey due to the glass. Can anyone confirm or is this a scam ????
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