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  1. Hello chas g,

    Thanks a lot for your help! That’s good to know, I would prefer one of the UNOs anyway. Though the 24 hours watches are interesting as well, but I have also been afraid that they could be too complicated to read, especially in the one-hand-version. Do you own a Botta watch yourself? I was wondering if the materials are easy to wear as I often got itchy skin in the past… I know this might be a subjective thing to ask, but maybe someone knows…

  2. Hello,

    I know this discussion is quite old, but I recently came across Botta Design and I really like their style. I also like, that the manufacture is quite close to my home, but still it is a bit…well… complicated to walk over there in person and have a closer look at the watches.

    I already thought about opening a new thread to ask, if anyone already has experiences, when finding this old discussion, so I thought I’d just ask in here: Does anyone of you maybe own a Botta watch? Can you recommend it? And does anyone maybe know more about the materials they use for straps and body of the watches? (I’m sometimes kind of sensitive and easily react with sore skin)
    Thanks a lot for your help! :biggrin:

  3. I'm outing myself as a huge coffelover (especially espresso) over here too :). To be honest: at the moment I use a nespresso machine - it makes really good coffee and I got it as a birthday present. At my parents home we had a high quality portafilter espresso machine which made the best coffee. While traveling or when I am out for adventures (sailing, camping whatever) I also use a french press, but I have never thought, that this would make the best coffee... I should maybe try it with high quality beans :)

  4. Hello dear community! I am a young student from Austria and just got more interested in watches.
    I am a total beginner in this field, but I am a curios and interested young man. I am happy to dive deeper into this topic and find new inspiration in here!

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